How do I get up to speed with e/m coding?
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e/m coding: who knows about it and where can I find more information?

A question from Dr. Mrs. Emptyk: A bit of a physician-centric question. Does anyone know any good, free resources to learn more about e/m coding? I just started my practice and want to make sure I'm coding appropriately; whenever I try to look this up on the internet, I've only encountered a lot of ads that request money to take a course on this. I would love to know a simple way to know who should be coded as an established level 4 exam vs. a level 3. Thanks for any help/insight.
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Well since you haven't received any answers, I'll reply. I'm a military physician so I don't code for my paycheck, but we are required to code for accountability and other record-keeping purchases. I suspect that a lot of coding is specialty-centric, and that you may have luck with your specialty organization. For example, I'm a pathologist and the College of American Pathologists provides free online courses to help.
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There are some free resources here that may be helpful.
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