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My iMac iSight camera is "in use by another application". Can you help me figure this out so I can use the camera again?


In a moment of utter stupidity I tried downloading a driver from the Hello Kitty website in order to transfer some photos from my digital cam to the computer. Clearly this has affected something on my computer and I don't know how to undo what I've done.

I have an intel iMac, OS X 10.4.11 and when I try running Photo Booth, iChat or anything else the iSight camera is not recognised.

I would seriously appreciate any help here. I have reset the PRAM to no avail.

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Close your web browser. Does it work now?
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Have you tried going into Activity Monitor (in your Applications -> Utilities folder) to see what might be running covertly?

See if the new driver shows up on the bottom of the first page of your System Preferences (under "Other").
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I have tried all of the things suggested above.

There might still be something running in the Activity Monitor that I haven't tried quitting because it's not clear what it's doing.
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Where is the download?
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Have you tried rebooting?
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FYI, this seems to be the same problem.

It suggests the offending driver is in /System/Library/Image Capture/
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CJ, thank you so much! That worked perfectly! Wow, I am extremely grateful.
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No problem, always happy to help purge Hello Kitty..

FYI (for anyone in the future with a similar problem) you can find out what those .pkg installers are adding to your system from Terminal by running:

lsbom SomeInstaller.pkg/Contents/Archive.bom

The directory it unpacks that to is defined in the XML file SomeInstaller.pkg/Contents/Info.plist.

That's assuming good faith on the part of the installer, of course, which can run bash/perl scripts that do who-knows-what. Generally not an issue though with legit software, though.
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