How about them waves?
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Lawn Guyland filter: Does anyone know how long the big waves at Jones Beach and Robert Moses beach going to last? Are they still even around? How about tomorrow morning?

How would I even go about finding this out?
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Hit post too soon (I can has edit plz?): I found these by googling "surfing Jones Beach" and "surfing Long Island".
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Ah, didn't think of that. Thanks!
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Oh, PS, does anyone know how long Robert Moses beach is going to be closed?
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Surf's up in Montauk; Robert Moses underwater "Waves reached peaks in Montauk not seen in 17 years" Wow! No status information on the website maybe you could call in the morning.

Here are some links to other beaches in Nassau and Suffolk

Smith Point is closer than Montauk and allows surfing, maybe give them a call as well?
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Ohh, thanks for the alternatives. We don't want to surf, just want to see the big waves.
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Be careful. Hurricane Bill isn't fucking around.
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That's literally one of my worst nightmares so yeah, we will not be fucking around either.
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