Where to live in or around Green Bay?
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I will be relocating to the Green Bay, WI area in about 5 weeks and need advice on where to live.

I would like to rent. I have been looking online (craigslist, local newspaper classifieds, and other rental sites) but I have only spent three days of my life in Green Bay. I do plan to go visit next month for a few days to search for an apartment (or other dwelling) but would like advice on good neighborhoods, complexes, and even towns around Green Bay. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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It all depends on what you like.

If you like a collegiate atmosphere then near the river in DePere is nice with the east side being a little nicer.

Basically though Green Bay and it's surrounding towns are almost universally nice and safe with the exception of parts of the east side.

What are you looking for exactly?
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Response by poster: I will not be attending university as I am moving for my job but i wouldn't mind a collegiate atmosphere as long as there were not extremely loud parties every single night of the week. The location of the workplace is somewhere on main street (very descriptive, i know, but as i said i have only been there one time). I have heard from one friend to live in DePere as well. Someone else suggested Appleton but i am not a fan of driving that far to and from work each day (currently have a 5 minute commute). I don't need anything horribly fancy or trendy. Just a place to live that has good management and a garage.
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Appleton is way too far for a commute. I'm from DePere and would definitely recommend it. There's lot of new condos/apartments in downtown Green Bay, but it's a lot less neighborhoody/vibrant as it's still working out how to recover from the death of the mall there.
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