Looking for an attractive laptop sleeve.
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Seeking recommendations for durable and attractive laptop jackets (the kind that you leave on when the laptop is in use).

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop, 14.1" screen, about 1.5" thick, 13" wide, and 10" deep, and am looking for a laptop jacket that I can leave on the computer when it's in use. The Shoreline ones are the first kind I saw of this type, but I'm interested in something a little more interesting-looking than their offerings, if anything like this exists. Shoreline used to have other colors of neoprene sleeves, I thought, but I can't seem to find any I like anymore. Of course, protectiveness is my #1 priority, as well as decent heat dispersion ability. Going too big to be safe isn't really an option, because something too big won't be able to stay on the laptop via the elastic corner straps.

The main constraint I've found with the "cool" laptop jackets is that most of them (such as the Isis Dei ones I saw mentioned in a previous thread) are designed for slimmer Mac laptops, and certainly not for laptops with the extended battery in the back I contacted Isis Dei, since I liked some of their options, but they basically said their products are designed for Macs, and they can't guarantee that any of their stuff will fit a computer like mine. Since I don't want to waste time with having to return stuff by mail, I decided to pass on their products. I haven't really found anything else similar. Maybe us PC users are just too boring and lame with our thick computers to get the cool goodies like Mac users. ;-)

Does anyone with a similar laptop have a jacket that they really like that is under $40? Suggestions for retail stores in Austin, TX that sell a variety of laptop jackets (including ones to fit PCs) are also appreciated since I can't seem to find any myself. If I can't find anything interesting-looking, I'm not averse to getting a plain one, but I wanted to check with the Hive to see if you savvy folks knew of anything more fun.
Note: I have definitely read all the previous AskMe threads on similar topics, and spent way too long googling various search terms (including "laptop sleeve," "laptop jacket," "laptop sleeve" "while in use," etc.).
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Higher Ground makes one
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(not under $40 for your laptop size)
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Hmmm...for pure style, I use a gelaskin from here
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