What were the NYU women's dorms like in the late 1960s?
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There are some things I'd like to know about the NYU women's dorms in the late 1960s.

Does anyone know how it was in the women's dorms at New York University from 1965-1970? Specifically:

Were men allowed in the rooms? If the answer is "yes," was it only between certain hours, or could they go up any time?

If they weren't allowed in the rooms:

Was there a guard to make sure they didn't go upstairs?

Was there a lounge or something where the guys were allowed to hang out?

How did a girl know that her date had arrived- was there a house phone in the lobby?

Did each dorm room have a private phone, or was there just a pay phone or something on each floor?

Any other interesting tidbits that I didn't ask about would also be welcome.
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Here's a little bit of info to get you started, and if you contact someone at the NYU Archives they should be able to help answer your questions more thoroughly.
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