Help me juice the juicer
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I just bought a juice extractor. It's very nice but it takes a lot of space. Help me justify this space with ideas on how to exploit it better. Carrot juice oK. But how about recipes, desserts, sauces? What else could I use it for?
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Run ginger root through it. Awesome ingredient for marinades.
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(Sorry, not a real recipe but...) When I had a juicer my favorite was apple and carrot juice mixed together.
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Is it a centrifugal juicer or a masticating juicer? If it's a masticating one, then you can do all kinds of things with it --- grind seeds & coffee beans, make applesauce & nut butters, etc. I have a centrifugal juicer and it pretty much just makes juice. (I have been giving it the evil eye lately so that it will burn out and I can justify trading up to a masticating one.) My juicer is the only small appliance that I actually keep on the kitchen counter. I make juice all the time, but I also run veggie scraps through it before tossing them in the compost -- makes the breakdown happen faster. After I make veggie broth, I run the scraps through it and return the juice to the broth.

Definitely experiment with recipes though. Carrot juice is ok, but carrot juice with ginger & parsley & granny smith apple is yum!
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you can make an awesome fruit coulis to drizzle over cheesecake or whatnot by wapping some raspberries and/or blueberries etc through it.

ps. ginger is such the winning ingredient in EVERY juice.
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stock up on beets. beet-carrot-apple-ginger, and every permutation of that combo is A+.
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Do you like to cook? Look for a copy of Jean-George Vongerichten's Simple Cuisine which has loads of fine recipes that rely on juice reductions.
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My favorite fruit juice is pineapple grapefruit.

Also - remember that you can use the carrot pulp for cooking after making carrot juice. It adds a lot of moisture to baked goods.
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