What crazy short term classes can I take?
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I have vacation time adding up and I'm looking for any interesting and/or wild 1 to 3 week school/training programs I can do, anywhere in the world. Suggestions?
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In two to three weeks, you could learn to fly. I know one guy who successfully soloed on his 5th day of flight training, and did his private pilot license check ride 9 days after his first lesson.
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You could go to surfing camp.
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Define interesting.
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International Solidarity Movement (ISM) has non-violent activist training in Palestine. You do the training, and then spend the rest of your time (however long that may be) working with the local Palestinian actions. Human Shields, Demonstrations, being an international "witness" (through photographs, video, audio, etc to show to the intl. news)

I did the training a few weeks ago. Pretty intense stuff, heavy material, but incredible.
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Tom Brown's Tracker School.
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Language or cooking school in Italy.
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The National Outdoor Leadership School offers a number of courses under the three week mark. Just above the map on that page, you can sort courses by length. Patagonia Sea Kayaking, Alaska Mountaineering, Baja Sea Sailing, etc.
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learn spanish in Cusco, Peru! You'll have an unforgettable time in a great city, and it's an effective crash-course in the language.
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2nding a surfing camp.
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Many whitewater rafting places have 5-10 day training/certification schools.
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There will be open enrollment courses being taught over a 3 week stretch in January through Harvard's continuing ed program.

It isn't surfing or aviation, but you might find something there that interests you.
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ecovolunteer has nature/conservation type programs in many different places and cultural embrace has short-term language, culinary, and arts & crafts classes in India, Italy, and a few other places. Or learn to scuba dive at Scuba Steve's Diving in St Lucia or learn to tango in Buenos Aires. Squam has week-long artist workshops in New Hampshire. Or there are 10-day Vipassana Meditation courses all over the world. You can also learn to work with glass at Pilchuk Glass School in Washington or go to Provence for a 10-day painting workshop.
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Learn Korean in Seoul.
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