Chongqing - How is the expansion of the metro going?
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Anybody in Chongqing? How is the expansion of the metro going? Especially to the Tiandi development?

I am meant to be moving to Chonggqing. I don't like cars. I am looking at the Chongqing Tiandi in the Yuzhong District. Any locals know if it has public transport. I think a new line on the metro/light rail is planned/under construction. Anybody know anything?
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Haven't taken it myself, but from the online resources it looks like its up and running with a stop in the area: Google maps, lightrail website map.
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I just went back to ChongQing in June and the light rail is indeed up and running. So far it only has one line/route that's shown from the map above, but it is very nice and convenient.
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