Google Translate-ing Long Files
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Is there any way for Google Translate to process long files? It seems to kick out at around 38K.
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If you have access to a Linux server, I believe there is an utility called "tr" which can connect to Google Translate as an external service. Using this, you can write a simple script that feeds your document line by line into Google Translate and saves the output as a new document. Might be more complex of a solution than you need, but it works.
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Eh? Given that "tr" is traditionally used for character-by-character mapping, I suspect many Unix users would be a bit surprised if someone released a version that talked to Google Translate.

And translating text between human languages line by line? Hmm...
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I'm sorry, it's not tr, it's tw. (I get them confused sometimes). Anyway, I'm speaking as someone who has used this method to successfully translate documents of over 10 MB. Link
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