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Has anyone been following the American Express My Wishlist?I have tried to buy 4 items and still haven't otten any of them. Has anyone won something that can share strategies?

That should be gotten.
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Not personally, but you may find the answers at Fatwallet here.
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From the FAQ (for the curious):

How can I purchase one of the featured items I see on the site? To purchase one of the featured items on the site, you must visit the site at 12pm, 4pm, or 9pm ET on the day the item becomes available. Once you are sure you want to purchase the item, get your American® Express Card ready and click on the "I Want It" button to see if the product is still available. If the product is still available, you will need to provide your billing and shipping information. If the product is not available, you will receive a "Not Available" message.

If a featured item is sold out that day, will I have a chance to get another one? All featured items except for the BMW will only be available for one day during the promotion, while supplies last. The BMW will be available to purchase on three separate days.

How long does this promotion last? The promotion starts at 12pm ET on November 22, 2004, and ends at 11:59pm on December 21, 2004.
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Completely off topic, but the photo bits from the bag - well that just makes me a little sad now that Ellen Degeneres has dumped Alexandra Hedison.
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