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My wife is thinking of buying this electric hair-removal gadget. It purports to burn the hair off at the root and, over time, reduce the overall amount and regrowth of body hair. We can find no online references to the apparatus other than sites selling it (in Chile), which in itself makes us suspicious, and wonder if anybody has tried similar gadgets, or knows if this kind of system can have any sort of unwanted side effects.
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I don't know that particular gadget but they all say that thing about killing the roots. They never do.
posted by dabitch at 4:11 PM on December 15, 2004

I'd think that anything that generates enough heat to burn hair couldn't be that good for the skin when placed against it. I think the logo on the product itself sums up my feelings : )
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I can say from personal experience that this and similar devices are both painful and cumbersome. The burning sensation is intense enough to temporarily distract the user from the offending hair, so it's got that going for it.
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There are only two ways of permenantly reducing (or sometimes removing) hair. Laser and electrolysis. Everything else is a scam. Seriously.
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Hair removal scams and other related info here. I don't know about that device, though.
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