Car Rebate, Part Deux
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What Next on Not Receiving Customer Cash-Back Car Rebate?

To recap a bit. A car salesman drew up a Bill of Sale with no reference to a customer cash-back rebate running the month I bought my new car. He did not give me any other paperwork regarding any rebate. The word "rebate" never came up in the negotiations for buying the car for cash. I signed the Bill of Sale, drove the car away, registered it using that Bill of Sale, and put on 1000 miles on the car. Two weeks later, got an unexpected cell call from the sales guy saying I needed to sign new paperwork "that wouldn't affect me in any way."

A backdated Bill of Sale arrived showing the same bottom line as the first Bill of Sale. However, the backdated one now showed the rebate and a rejiggering of figures to account for the rebate. Also included was a document they want me to sign with a highlight next to a signature line saying I would turn over the rebate to the dealer. I sent the backdated unsigned second Bill of Sale to the manufacturer. I signed the rebate document asking that the rebated come to me and X-ed out the yellow highlighted other signature line. In a cover letter, I explained what I explained here.

Today I get an e-mail from the manufacturer trying to convince me the rebate was "accounted for" in the original Bill of Sale (the no-rebate-mentioned version) that I had signed the day I bought the car. The Customer Relations person tried to tell me that the second Bill of Sale was essentially "the same." (even though that version clearly shows the rebate).

Am I correct in assuming my original, signed Bill of Sale is legally binding and that I am entitled to this Customer Cash-back Rebate? And, if so, how do I get it?
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It might help to let us know the manufacturer and link to the terms of the rebate if you can. Did you know the rebate was going on? Why didn't you ask about it at the time?

It doesn't sound scammy to me, other than it's a car dealer talking and claiming to have made a mistake, which usually indicates there's some kind of angle. At the end of the day though you agreed on a price and drove your car happily for 1000 miles, maybe you could have got a lower price on the day, maybe you could have gone across town to the other dealer, it's, unfortunately, part and parcel of car buying.
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FYI, there was a similar question a few weeks ago.
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blue mustard, that's why this one is "part deux". Not just a similar question, the same poster!
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