Visual database browser?
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Is there a visual, gui database browser that would let me select a data field and show value of data field in a different table that is referenced by first data field?

I need this to look at PostgreSQL database. Basically I need something that can be accomplished with Views in psql but it would be nice to create it on the fly just by clicking on a field of data.
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Um, can you give an example? Like a simple definition of the 2 tables and what you want to do?
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Response by poster: Basically, let's say there's table1 and table2. There's table1.column_a field, int, for example, 93557, that references table2.t2id, so I would want to look at some or all fields of that second table, doing an equivalent of select * from table2 where t2id = 93557. By clicking on that column_a field in table1. Hope this makes some sense..
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So you want to automatically visualize the relationship between a foreign key and its referenced table? Something like this picture except showing the data rather than the schema?
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Response by poster: jedicus: yep, exactly!
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Best answer: Well, for the schema-only version you could use SchemaSpy. Here's an example of its output.

For what you want specifically, though, a tool like DbWrench will let you look at the schema while editing the values in a table.

Another tool of that kind would be DBDesigner4.
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Response by poster: jedicus: thanks a ton! Will look at these tools.
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