Recording audio from Flash movies
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I was inspired by this great post to make some of my own songs, using Harry Partch's virtual instruments, and record them into ACID Pro 4.0. How do I make those Flash movies my audio source?

In other words, I'm usually running instruments into a Mackie board and then into the soundcard. To record the Flash, would I have to go out from my card, into the board, then back in again?

(My head always spins when figuring out audio routing, and the simple solutions often don't seem to work!)
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Most modern soundcards come with software that lets you capture the output that you're hearing (ie, line out) without having to go out and back in. But maybe you're monitoring with line out, so that wouldn't work. Hm.
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This previous post sounds like it may address a similar, if not identical, problem. I'm kinda out of my element on this subject but it certainly seems like the information there should be appropriate.
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Total Recorder can record any audio coming through your card. It's not freeware, but you can find a torrent...
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