Turbo listers for eBay?
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I'm looking for a good turbo listing program for ebay (I know I know) that works with Macintosh (OS 10.3). I have found one called GarageSale. Does anyone have experience with this or any other turbolister? I would prefer a shareware/free program, but am willing to pay if the program is highly recommended.
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I've used eLister in the past and found it to be pretty decent. It may not have the Turbo features you're seeking - it's mainly a program to let you create listings offline (which is useful for me since I'm still on dial-up).

I've encountered some weirdness with using their most recent versions, but that might be because I'm still using OS 9.1. The 10.X version may be fine.

It's not free, you have a to get a license (30-day, 6-year, 1 year). Although you can download it and create listings for free -- you just won't be able to Submit the listings without registering.

If you have any questions about it, let me know.
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er, that should read 6-month, not 6-year!
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