Name this type of glove please
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Nice gloves, if I knew what they were called I could buy a pair. Name that style.

There are a type of gloves that I really like the look of. They are some sort of riding glove as best I can gather, but maybe you know a more specific name?

They look like they are thin, unlined leather and very short ending right at the wrist. The kind I have seen appears to have a v-shaped cutout on one side of the wrist.

If you've seen Brokeback Mountain, it's some sort of cross between the guys gloves I am thinking of, less workman than Ennis, less flashy than Jacks.
Plenty of shots in this YT-video but none quiiiite showing them properly. Also, these seem to come down an inch or two longer on the wrist.

Can't see this video myself due to my region, but iirc at about 20 minutes you should be able to see Ham halluciating a strange super-80's Donovan in a bandana and similar (but fuglier) gloves.

Is there a name for the style?
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Best answer: Kid gloves, made from juvenile goat leather.
posted by Cobalt at 4:38 PM on August 7, 2009

Best answer: Range Rider and Manhandler gloves seem to be similar to what you are looking for
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Best answer: Are they "Roper gloves?" No idea who David Morgan is, but they seem to have a few good pictures to look at.
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Response by poster: Thanks, these look great and are totally what I had in mind! Best answers all round, and a virtual one to the deleted comment that gave me a giggle when I checked into the thread in the middle of the night.
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