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Need new fashion blogs!

Hello hive!

I love blogs like This Time Tomorrow, Kendi Everyday, Brooklyn Blonde, who usually post minimal text, photos of their outfits and links back to the pieces they are wearing.

I'd like to find more blogs like this, do you have any recommendations?

(Bonus points if its everyday wear (so not runway heavy), but still fashion-y, but not vintage-y)
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What the frock!?

Sometimes a tad bit more text than you may be looking for.
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I really like Style Odyssey's look. The blogger dresses mostly in drapey black outfits, which may or may not be your thing, but I love how they're wearable and stylish without looking obsessively fashion-y.
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Best answer: I asked a question like this not too long ago:

Here are some more:

Sweet and Sassy

Cupcakes and Cashmere
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great blogs! O I didn't see that post thanks for sending me the link Fairchild!
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Surely you know of The Sartorialist? So wonderful.
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A bit more edgy but good for inspiration:
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The Closet Shopper
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Sea of Shoes, Garance Dore, The Rookie, Mrs. O., The Sartorialist,, The Bag Snob, to name a very few. I'm at work, can't take the time to link, so sorry!
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Ugh, I left off my favorite, The Man Repeller.
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Fashion for Nerds. Maybe more text than you want, but Audi is a genius at everyday wear with a stylish twist.
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My cousin does this one: It's got quite a bit of fashion stuff in it. It's not really my cup of tea, though.
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I'm crazy about Magnolia Family Vintage although she's not updating her blog lately. There's still good stuff on her Tumblr though. I also comfort myself with the many blogs she links to.
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Frocks & Frou Frou
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What I Wore 2Day
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Best answer: Just for anyone following this, here is the final list I ended up with (after a few days of following loads of blogs and narrowing them down to my favs!)

9to5 Chic
Atlantic Pacific
B. Jones Style
Brooklyn Blonde
Cheetah is the New Black
College Fashion .Net
Cupcakes and Cashmere
keiko lynn
Kendi Everyday
Like Fresh Laundry
Makeup and Beauty Blog (not really fashion, but good beauty blog)
Rebel Attitude
Sincerely, Jules
Sterling Style
The Sartorialist
This Time Tomorrow
What the Frock?
You Look Fab

Thanks everyone for your help!
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