Where the hell do I find Cornetto ice cream treats near Boston?
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It's time for this shit to get real. Where the hell can I find a Cornetto in the Boston area?

It's finally breaking 80 degrees out and my wife and I are yearning for the creamy deliciousness that is a cornetto. Every time the hot, uncaring sun beats down upon our sweaty brows we wail and gnash our teeth for ice cream relief.

Alternative suggestions are welcome, but we've tried many of the major US-alternatives, from Good Humor cones (also made by Unilever) to Nestle Drumsticks, but none of these nigh-nettos have the same light, creamy mouthfeel. Is there an American product that even comes close?

Ice cream treats is serious business and we'd be willing to drive 45 minutes or so to find an actual cornetto. We're already crazy enough that we have some spare Flake bars to stick in soft serve, so we're willing to go the extra mile.
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I think they're right next to the Magnum Bars I'm craving at the cornershop across from the Tube station --which I could never successfully find.

FYI As for Flake bars, they often-- but not always-- have them at Cardullo's in Harvard Square so you can keep those stocked up at least.

Unilever's "Careline" is comments@unilever.com Their website is not particularly helpful. There's no hint of Cornettos on their www.icecreamusa.com site or it's Canadian equivalent either.

Could you pay a bundle and have someone ship some overnight from the UK in dry ice?

At times like these I have to ask what the hell is globalization good for if I can't even get my favorite ice cream brand in my home country.
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Maybe British Delights in Westford (about a 45 minute drive down Rt. 2) could get them in for you?
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It might be worth a call to Farmer's Bounty in Davis Sq. as they carry a bunch of U.K. candies. (Given that the candies are often well past their expiration date, I wouldn't count on them having anything really perishable like ice cream, but it is worth a try.)
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I think these are a lot less popular in the UK than they used to be since Magnum took over as the luxury single-serve ice-cream of choice, but every supermarket does a knock-off version. Can you get Vienetta there? That tastes very similar to me.
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If anyone knows, it's likely to be the proprietor of British Delights in Westford, a shop I've bought from online. My gut feeling is that you just won't find an importer of Cornettos in the US, given the costs involved, and you'll need to find a charitable soul to courier you a few from London to Boston.

You may be disappointed; the memory of a Cornetto, especially from the days when it was a rare treat that required saving pocket money for a couple of weeks, is probably better than the reality.
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There is a little store called Bailey's Too on Broadway between D and E streets in South Boston that carries a bunch of different Irish junk food for the large number of new Irish immigrants. All sorts of pickle and ox flavored chips, Lucozade, British candy and that stuff. I never looked in their freezer but you can call them at 617 269-8754 and ask if they have it. If not, I'm sure they can tell you the name of their distributor (I think it's was Trinity Food Imports), and you can ask them if they carry Cornettos and where you can buy some. That's where I'd look anyway.
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I called British Imports in Plymouth and they do not have it and said it'd be really difficult to find it in America.
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Another place to call would be Best of British in Newburyport.
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Seconding Vienetta for similar mouthfeel.
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Kiki's Kwik-Mart in Brighton has a good amount of Irish/British food, as does the convenience store across the street, which I believe is simply named Faneuil Street Market. Both definitely have stuff like Hines Baked Beans, Mars bars, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Tayto crisps, etc.
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FYI, I just called Best of British in Newburyport and they do not have Cornettos.

I'd be willing to drive several hours, or all the way up to Canada, to get my hands on a tasty, tasty Cornetto.
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Have you tried calling Unilever to find out if there's a closer American version than the King Cone, or if they know of any importers? Here's their contact page.
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Yes, I think "ask Unilever" is the move.

The logistics of importing ice cream are pretty complicated, so if anyone is importing them they're going to be doing it on a large scale. If there is an importer, you can follow up with them to find the retail outlets.
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I know a MegaCorp can and will have many diversified interests, but it never fails to tickle me just a little that I buy ice cream from the same peopple who sell me my soap. Fat's fat, right?

And for the record, no, the Brit importers down here in FL also were like "Ha... no."
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Alternate suggestion - Aldi has their private brand 'sundae cones' that are a much creamier mouthfeel to me than similar cones I've tried. Looks like there's only one in Mass so far, in Raynham, but if you're travelling nearby, might be worth a shot. Bonus, a box of 6 is usually only about $2-3.
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I'm a little late to the game, but instuctables has instructions to make your own.
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