Three states, one LAN: how do I create the VPN?
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Networking newbie question: how do I set up a Cisco router-based VPN between three sites, such that each can treat the other as if it were on the same LAN?

Right now, I plan to use a Cisco RV082 and two WRVS4400Ns at locations in three different states. I need to set up a VPN tunnel between the devices. That's where things get fuzzy: my previous networking experience is basically just setting up home wireless routers. I can follow Cisco's tunneling guide until it starts asking me for my 'preferences.' I find I don't know enough to have articulate preferences.

What do I need to know? For instance, do I need to use a 'subnet'? What's the best encryption option? Also, what questions should I be asking? What issues or problems should I be on the lookout for?

Basic setup: three homes. One has a home server, three laptops connected wirelessly, one ethernet-connected desktop, and a couple of media extenders. The other two each have an ethernet-connected desktop and a laptop or two connected wirelessly.
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I know this isn't answering the question so well but it might save you time - what do you need the VPN for? I get great results with the non-commercial (aka free) version of Hamachi, which basically emulates a LAN network.

Works for me and takes about thirty seconds to set up.
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I want the routers to do the work, not the computers and not a third-party server that won't release its source.
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You're looking for easyvpn on the cisco products, or you can do plain old IPSEC lan to lan tunnels, both have varying degrees of difficulty in settign them up.

Important things:

All three LANS should be using different ip subnets, so you don't overlap and the interesting traffic definitions are easier; for example:

My advice is to assign one of the endpoints as the hub, probably the site with the most bandwidth, you could go meshed site to site but it is more work.

Encryption: 3des or AES.
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