Help identify this song!
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I'm trying to identify a song that I heard recently in a bar. A short clip of the song can be found here. Bonus question: what style of dance fits this song? I saw some couples doing something that looked similar to a waltz, but in 4/4 time. Any ideas what they were doing?
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From the lyrics I can hear, the song is Stars by Mindi Abair.
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Dances that could be done to that rhythm and tempo (but which might or might not be optimal ;-)) would include American-style rumba, quickstep and no doubt others (blues?). And while it seems a bit quick for foxtrot and nightclub two-step, but you can generally warp a dance into whatever you want it to be. Even waltz can be done to a slow 4/4 (eg using an over-emphasized one to make a slow-quick-quick instead of evenly timed steps.)

If you don't recognise the dance, demographic clues might help, as dances are often fairly delineated by region and age.
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Response by poster: After listening to Stars, I'm pretty sure that's not it...

I don't think it was a foxtrot, but it might have been quickstep or nightclub that I saw. It was a group of college-aged people (and recent grads), in the northwest.
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Crap. I meant the song "On and On" from her album Stars.
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Response by poster: On and On is definitely the song; thanks.
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that's definitely a shuffle beat, a bit legato, not a waltz.
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College-aged people in the northwest would suggest blues dancing to me (it's sort of a cross between tango and swing).
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Incidentally, there's an iPhone app that will identify songs on the fly. It's called SHAZAM. There may be something similar that you can download onto your computer. So if you have a clip, you ought to be able to identify anything.
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