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I need help finding a desktop background - from a site that had some amazing options. [MI]

The site had options for various resolutions and color schemes for gorgeous desktop backgrounds. The one I downloaded was mostly light blue, with large vertical lines/tubes coming from the top, stopping about 2/3 of the way down the screen, and a vaguely anime looking girl (looking kind of rocket-propelled) as one of the vertical lines. It was kind of PowerPuff girls meets Newstoday (if that makes any sense). They all had a similar aesthetic - clean lines, muted color schemes and I want another one! Any ideas?
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I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but Digital Blasphemy has some gorgeous wallpaper backgrounds in various resolutions.
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Welcome to Pixelgirl Presents!
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Response by poster: mds35, those are getting very close! That's not the site and I couldn't see the same artist's work, but they're awesome and will definitely tide me over. It's the same kind of minimalist, techy, vaguely anime aesthetic.
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Do you still have that desktop? Can you post a screenshot?
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Was it
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Response by poster: It looked something like this. I tried to do it in Photoshop as, unfortunately, I don't have the desktop anymore. But the lines coming down were spiced up and much cooler, and one of them was in the shape of an anime-type girl coming down (looking rocket propelled) from the top, the same as the other lines. This, this, and this from Pixelgirl are closer to the real look-and-feel of the old desktop, but I've searched through them all (and the artists' home page) to no luck yet. It's driving me nuts! Thanks for your help everyone.
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My personal favourite is deviantART.
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Best answer: Look at the wall by Florian Freundt called "why is she?" available here. It's based on a wall called "meaningless," by imrik and available here.
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Response by poster: Wow! It was on Florian Freundt's page under "alternate versions" and is right here. THANK you so much! (I guess my version wasn't really that close after all). Also, thanks to the others for other cool wallpapers.
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