Help! I forgot my email address!
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Help, I forgot my email provider! It was an old one... and switched over to Hebrew within the past year and a half... anyone remember it?

Sure enough, I forgot my hotmail password... ( oh gmail, how i love thee!) So I sent the "send to alternative email address" but I forgot what that email address is! I accessed it about a year ago - after having forgotten my password again - only to discover it had been switched over entirely to Hebrew...

At the time, I remember googling to find out why, and many people said the change was recent.. Prior to last time, I hadn't logged into that email account in about 4.5 years; it obviously didn't have a "minimum sign-in" requirement...

Does anyone remember that service? I feel like it might have started with a Q, K, W or S... but I might be wrong. Thanks in advance, mefites! :)

(and before you suggest it, I can't answer my "secret question". It asked me my spouses name... I don't have a spouse! :/ )
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Response by poster: WALLA!! That's it!! I feel pretty silly... after an hour of searching lists of of ESPs, and about a dozen google searches, I finally found it, right after asking here. Well, thanks anyways!

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Hm. Are you sure you don't have a spouse? Think hard!
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