Help me find the perfect sandals!
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Do you know where I can find sandals similar to these?

I had been waiting for the most beautiful shoes in the world to go on sale at Anthropologie, but now they are gone forever. There aren't any on Ebay as far as I can tell. Can anyone point me to some from another brand that are similar? Or to an auction/shopping site that would have them? I became rather infatuated and now I'm disappointed.
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I've seen similar styles on Zappos in the past. You can search on there by color and style, so hopefully that can narrow it down for you. Gap has some that are somewhat similar as well.
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Actually, this search page has a lot of shoes that are in the same spirit. I searched for "flower" and then narrowed it to women's sandals. I really liked that style with the flowers that was popular this year, but never found any within my budget that also fit my weird feet, so I've been on the lookout, too.
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these have roses instead of regular flowers- not nearly the same thing, but the same general idea. I was watching the same sandals, but they reduced in price at exactly the time that I didn't have the money to spare.
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get crafty! find a pair of sandals that you like the straps and fit, then go to a craft store and buy a bunch of fabric flowers, and glue them on. Would probably be good to anchor the flowers with a couple stitches, too - but you'll have totally unique shoes, that are exactly to your taste.
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Steve Madden has a bunch of very decorative t-strap flat sandals.

Sorry you lost those shoes, though. I completely understand how you feel ;)
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Best answer: Different kind of sandal, but I have the pink version of these shoes and I adore both their beauty and their comfort! You can probably find these at other retailers too; this is just the first site where I found a picture.
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Best answer: Are they gone forever? Can you call around to their various locations? Or maybe HQ?
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This site might be helpful - you browse shoes by visual similarity. (posted on the blue several months ago)
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Best answer: I saw those almost exact shoes at Baker's at the mall a few weeks ago. I loved them, but didn't buy them.

Okay, now that I look them up, they're not exactly the same, but v similar.
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Response by poster: I saw those almost exact shoes at Baker's at the mall a few weeks ago. I loved them, but didn't buy them.

Okay, now that I look them up, they're not exactly the same, but v similar.

These shoes are the closest to the style that I've seen, and the shoes that hellogoodbye recommended are the closest in color. Thank you all for your input.

I think if calling the HQ doesn't pan out for me I will end up buying one of those two pairs of shoes. Thank you to everyone for understanding how it can be to love a pair of shoes ;) And by all means, if you still have suggestions I would love to hear them.
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Response by poster: There are none available anywhere in their stores. :(
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