Unique flavor combinations
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Ridiculous and rad combinations of 2 or 3 flavors. The weirder the better.

I would like some ideas of flavors or spices that provide an interesting counterpoint to each other, but that are not well known. Mild examples that spring to mind: chocolate and chili, mint and strawberry, peanut butter and pickles. Even if 9 out of 10 people dislike it, but you really love it, I’d try it.
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Diet Coke and milk (50/50 mix)
Pepperoni and pineapple
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French fries and mayonnaise. Or, if you can find it, Dutch fritessaus.
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Not that weird, but when ever people see me do it they get confused. 2/3rds Barq's Rootbeer 1/3rd Coke.

It's delicious! I find it doesn't work as well with other rootbeers, diets, or Pepsi.
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Gummi and Chocolate. Seriously, those chocolate covered gummibears are like crack.
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Cherry slurpee/slushy and cinnamon
Soft-serve/frosty and french fries
Applesauce and Peeps
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Popcorn and Sour patch kids

Peanut Butter and Brown Sugar Sandwiches

Peanut butter and Maple syrup on ma pancakes

Nacho's and sauerkraut

Berry Kool-Aid soaked Pickles

Cayenne and Mango slices

I don't know how weird any of those are but they sure taste good.
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Cheddar cheese and apple pie
or on the other end of the spectrum...
foie gras and peanut brittle
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Citrus and mint.
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oh, and honey and pickle sandwiches
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Maple -n- Bacon (only tried in lollipop form)
Bacon -n- Dark Chocolate
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Garlic and artichoke.
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Melon and prosciutto doesn't look like it could ever work! But it does.
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Peanut butter and hot sauce sandwiches
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french fries and blue cheese dressing.
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Citrus and mint.

That's a mojito!
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grape soda and Absolut Peppar

shortening and sugar (hey, I was 13 and hungry and its actually pretty tasty)

balsamic vinegar grilled onions and plain pancakes with sour cream
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Honey with ham
Honey with cheese
Honey with potato chips
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fruit (slices or jam) and blue cheese
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Related. And somewhere in that thread there's a link to a blog post that is exactly this question, with like fifty million answers.

Oh, here it is.
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Strawberries and balsamic vinegar. Or strawberries and black pepper.
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Raspberry and sage, like a slice of bread made with lots of sage and then spread with raspberry preserves.
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Back in the day before I gave up my right to beer, mixing a Pabst Blue Ribbon with Milwaukee's Best or Carling Black Label was guaranteed to forget your troubles.
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peanut butter & chocolate & cheese-its
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There was a question on here a while ago from a guy asking if he could patent or somehow protect his unique sandwich recipe. There was more to it, but the basic combination was avocado and honey mustard. I tried it, it was pretty good.
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I'm all about mint chocolate chip ice cream and green olives. Girlfriends have refused to kiss me over it.

Incidentally, this reminds me of Wilfrid Sellars's Incompatible Food Triad.
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I don't know if its weird, but any tomatillo-avacado mix is yummy.
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A shot of whiskey with several drops of Tabasco in it. First the delicious whiskey burn travels down your gullet then the delicious Tabasco burn travels up it.
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Cauliflower + cocoa powder. Also, basil + chocolate, rosemary + chocolate, and thyme + chocolate.
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a spoonful of peanut butter dipped in orange juice.
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Horseradish and mustard.
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Orange, chocolate

Chicory, chocolate

Chinese 5-spice, chocolate

Tarragon, blueberry

Maple syrup, almond butter (sandwiches)

Thai chili paste, soy sauce

Harissa, almond
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Raw onions and honey on toasted whole wheat bread.
brie cheese with polski ogorkie pickles and fresh french bread.
peanut butter and barbeque sauce.
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Cayenne, mint and watermelon.
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balsamic vinegar, sugar, and cherries (macerated cherries)

dipping rice crispies in salt (from the old thread)

graham crackers, cream cheese, and slices of banana

green tea and a touch of sugar (warning, sacrilege)
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Husband is a big fan of dipping pizza crust in soda (like coke or pepsi, not sprite), the only weird thing I can think I eat is popcorn and salsa con queso.
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clam broth and tomato juice.

since the thread seems to not be getting deletd
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Another similar previous thread.

Garlic and orange. Nothing better than washing down a very garlicky meal with a glass of orange juice.

Also, you may want to check out The Flavor Bible, which lists literally thousands of suggested flavor combinations. Some of them well-known and obvious, but many not. I just got it recently and have already enjoyed "trout and sage" and "green beans and black olives" as unexpectedly good flavor combinations, among others.
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Rosemary and feta.
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Tarragon also goes beautifully with strawberries. One of the best desserts I ever had was strawberry ice layered with coconut cream and fresh tarragon.
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Here are a few molecular gastronomy food pairing links:

kymos.org explains the reasons that some of these pairing work.

Heston Blumenthal from the Fat Duck Restaurant lists some of his flavor pairings.

Bernard Lahousse has put together a website of possible flavor pairings based on flavor components.

A quick search for 'flavor combinations' on Google will give you a long list of unique foods combinations.
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Black coffee with lemon
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You might like some of the combinations here. Their naga (curry) chocolate is especially good.

If you google any restaurant known for innovative tasting menus (french laundry, for instance), you'll find all the unique flavor combinations you could ever want.
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you already somewhat mentioned it but my favorite sandwich as a kid was a peanutbutter-pickle-and-cheese sandwich (crunchy pbutter, hamburger dill pickle, cheddar/american cheese)

mmmm.... it might be time for a sammich!

but a true taste sensation was the digestif this one Ethiopian restaurant in Seattle used to serve up:

- one icy-chilled shot of some kind of anise liqueur
- one dark roast coffee bean submerged therein
- lit on fire
- flames for a few moments, then is blown out
- now, quickly toss down the shot, but careful to catch the bean, &
- crunch the bean!

icy cold + flaming hot + dark roast + anise = eyes now wide open!
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Grilled chicken dipped in melted chocolate. Mmmm.
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mango and avocado

sweet potato and chipotle

garlic butter and strawberry jam (this one was on accident, but oh so good I've done it on purpose a few times since)
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Coffee and tea.
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Almond or pistachio and rose

Strawberry and pink pepper

Apricot and chipotle
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Using salt & vinegar chips to scoop chocolate icecream from a paddle pop / popsicle/ icrecream on a stick. It is awesome, and convenient.
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Salt (ammonium chloride, to be exact) and Black Licorice.

Chocolate and bacon.
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Mango with chili powder.
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My youth was misspent eating peanut butter and tuna fish sandwiches. I've...lost...the taste for that as an adult but was pretty keen on it for a while.
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Roast chicken, aged gouda and mashed banana toasted sandwich with plenty of garlic and salt.
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Popcorn and Sour patch kids

Popcorn and Peanut M&Ms

I discovered a great combo by accident at work: Calistoga Spring Water and Splenda.
The Splenda fizzes up the water and when that's done the combo beats 7Up IMO.
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just had peanut butter curry ice cream at a shop in sf - yum!
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Pickles and orange juice was one of my favorite snacks as a wee one.
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also, regular Cheerios and the EAS vanilla whey protein powder . . . tastes something like frosted cheerios.
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- Chocolate with earl grey tea (e.g. steep the tea in hot cream, then strain and pour over chocolate shavings, stir until melty, chill until harder, form into truffles)
- apples+mushrooms+onions+arugula
- fresh pineapple and honey (bonus if you grill the pineapple first)
- pretty much any stone fruit, plus almond
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Maybe not obscure enough for you, but: corn, lime, chili powder, Parmesan, and mayo.
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Pernod, mustard, dill

Yam, ginger

Yogurt, ginger

Apple, pork

Asparagus, soy sauce

Asparagus, honey mustard

Cucumber, vinegar, sugar

Mango, plantain

Cabbage, soy sauce, thai chili

Tomato, vodka, basil, creme

Clove, molasses, chocolate
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cottage cheese and apple butter

my father swears by fresh vidalia onion, chunks and salted, on saltines, washed down with milk.
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I've always eaten my grilled cheese sandwiches with ketchup, ever since I was a kid. Seems perfectly natural to me, but everyone I tell about that goes "Eeew!"
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By the way, a lot of people don't know this: Vanilla + Cinnamon oil + Citrus oil, when mixed properly, yields Cola flavor. That's what cola is.

Vanilla + Wintergreen -> Root Beer
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Balsamic vinegar & strawberries (toss sliced strawberries in a frying pan with balsamic vinegar, and brown sugar until the tang goes away and add one or two twists of black pepper - let it get syrupy and toss over good vanilla ice-cream)

Blue Cheese and a sweet white wine.
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Garlic pepper tabasco blended with mayonnaise. You wouldn't believe how good this tastes on shrimp!
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Horseradish and orange marmalade, spread on soda bread. I had this as a breakfast appetizer once and LOVED it! On first taste, however, it's almost too bizarre... but it's delicious.
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Vegemite and mustard pickles - Taste sensation!

Peanut butter, grated carrot + a few raisins on fresh white bread.
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Wasabi and cheese. Real wasabi, though. And real cheese.
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Strawberry and green tea is my go-to combo at the ice cream shop.

Speaking of ice cream, this honey lavender habanero ice cream was some of the best I ever had.
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hot sauce and mint. like, put hot sauce on altoids. i can't remember what the hot sauce was, though.
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strawberries and cucumbers are delicious together in a salad!
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My father was very fond of peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. Ate them every day.
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Despite the insistence of my wife to the contrary, this IS GOOD.
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I'm a fan of Jager and pineapple juice served very cold. It'll warm you up on a cold morning.

We also used to do Walla Walla Sweet Onions sautéed with golden raisins for a side with steaks. Super tasty.
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watermelon and some fresh bread
spicy cajun peanuts and baby carots
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Cheese and brown sugar. Think pastas.
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Clam dip with BBQ chips, yum.
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Cream cheese and ketchup sandwiches.
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Roast, candied garlic in ice cream - I've only ever had this at Garlics of London and it was awesome.
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mango and sriracha
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graham crackers and lemonade
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Coke + chocolate ice cream

peanut butter, strawberry jam, & mayo
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Strawberries and fresh basil.

Pear, cheese and balsamic vinegar.

Beetroot, mint and fetta

Cheddar and apple.
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Watermelon and feta (actually a classic Greek flavor combo)
Pretzels and candy corn
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coffee and beer

peanut butter and tomato soup (just mix in a few spoonfulls of pb while it's warming up on the stove)

popular in India: lemonade or limeade with salt and pepper
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Brush teeth (mint), then drink scotch.
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chocolate chips dunked in orange juice.

but also agree on sour patch kids w/ popcorn and cheezits dunked in peanut butter.
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A guy I work with just loves a big IPA (like Racer 5) and an avocado. I guess it's not too weird, but he says he eats it everyday.
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apple + cheese
apple + salty crackers
french fries + vanilla ice cream
pickles + chocolate milk
hot sauce + lime juice + salt, on the rim of your margarita glass
sour cream + sugar + strawberries
strawberry jam + unseasoned cooked chicken breast (kind of like cranberry sauce on turkey)
ketchup + mayo
grilled apple+ grilled onion slices + cinnamon sprinkled on top
avocado + hardboiled egg whites + salt + lemon juice, mmmm so delicious, eat slices of those with the salt and lemon juice, or put into a sandwich

That's the list of things I eat that makes people go "ew Kate, you're weird." Well, except for the hot sauce+salt thing - that makes people say that I make magical margaritas.
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Also, put baby spinach (or kale or other greens) into smoothies. I'm not a fan but a friend loves it.
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Peanut butter and horseradish on crackers
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fries + tarter sauce
buttery rolls dipped in ketchup
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I like to pour maple syrup on meusli before adding milk. Also, strawberries and avocadoes, sliced and chilled, are heaven.
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PB&J&M = Peanut Butter + Jam/Jelly + Mustard = Yum! It gives the classic a tang that's produced more than one green-eggs-and-ham moments with my friends.
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Banana and hazelnut.
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popcorn sprinkled with brewer's yeast, garlic powder, grated parmesan, and salt. Melted butter is optional, but delicious.
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i love chicken soup and vanilla ice cream - scoop some ice cream, just so, then scoop chicken soup- eat!

honey and salt on bread.
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brush teeth, then drink Guinness
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Chicken nuggets dipped in whipped cream.
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Big Mac with hot chocolate fudge sauce inside. Tastes almost exactly like a standard Big Mac, but the looks on the faces of the counter staff when they see you actually eating the thing are just priceless. I've actually been asked to leave a McD's just for requesting this.
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Tiger ice cream is a combination of orange and licorice ice creams. It's awesome.
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dip french fries in a chocolate milk shake. burger king works best for the fast food version

popcorn and black pepper
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There's a running series on several food blogs called TGRWT (they go really well together). The combinations are based on chemical similarities, as opposed to one person's opinion. This link is where it was started.
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Maple Syrup and Cholula.
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Cottage cheese + tabasco, or sometimes cream cheese (eg, on a bagel) + tabasco. Obviously only good if you like the hot taste of tabasco sauce. (I am addicted to it.)
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starfruit, pear, ginger, white pepper in a pie.

bologna and peanut butter (courtesy a three year old girl)
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Rice crispies and soft-boiled eggs. If you like soaking up egg yolks in your toast, this is a whole bowl full of it. If that grosses you out, so will this. My great-grandfather "invented" this, and it's my son's favorite breakfast (and mine, too).
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I like my peanut butter sandwiches with bacon bits.

(who new peanut butter was such a ubiquitous medium?)
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Horseradish and apple sauce.

dip french fries in a chocolate milk shake. burger king works best for the fast food version

French fries and a Frosty at Wendy's is better...
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Hot Damn 100 mixed with pineapple juice at about 1:1 is so goddamn delicious and I don't know why.
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chocolate and cinnamon
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cheese and vegemite


cheese and banana sandwich
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You people are all sick!
but as a kid, I liked coke and white rice. Take a swig of coke, leave it in your mouth, then eat rice.
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add some cumin to your spinach
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Lemonade and ice tea, a la Arnold Palmer

I think this is common but everytime I order it in front of new people they think I'm crazy.
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caramelized onions and tuna fish
nutmeg and garlic (in potatoes, eggs, etc.)
cream cheese and salami
blue cheese and pears
orange, onion, and cilantro
Worcestershire sauce and mayonnaise
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Marmite + marmalade on buttered toast. I tried this based on the similarity of the names. Marmite on first, then marmalade. Truly wonderful, as it turns out.
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Tuna Salad (mayo, onion, celery etc.) and BBQ beans: mixed. Served with pumpernickel bread.
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My god, Metafilter, you are weird.

That said:

peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (which has surprisingly few fans among people I know.)
Old Bay seasoning on fried eggs.
Honey or brown sugar on a halved grapefruit, warmed up in the microwave.
Lime juice sprinkled on "salt & pepper" flavor potato chips, a recipe I had to invent after I stopped being able to find these anywhere.
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Blocks of sharp cheddar cheese covered in real peanut butter (not the processed, sugared kind). I've seen peanut butter cheese cracker sandwiches before so this seemed like the next logical step. It's a flavor explosion.
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Old Bay seasoning on fried eggs.

I'll do you one better. Melt a pat of butter on low heat and add a bit of garam masala to cook until it's all nice and fragrant. Then turn up the heat and fry eggs in it.
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Flaky pastry and pork. I can't eat my sister-in-law's pork turnovers (my tongue touches the pastry, gets me subconsciously ready for whatever kind of sweet fruit filling is inside, then recoils at finding savory seasoned meat) but her family and my friends love them.
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Not ridiculous, rad, or weird: Cheerios mixed with Raisin Bran. It's tasty, with a nice combination of textures.
posted by Multicellular Exothermic at 8:05 AM on July 2, 2009

A friend of mine swears by lemon wedges dipped in soy sauce as a snack.
posted by Kattiara17 at 8:33 AM on July 2, 2009

summer sausage and peanut butter
posted by codefinger at 9:08 AM on July 2, 2009

My staff pick at the ice cream store I work at is coffee oreo and peanut butter sauce. I'd like to add that most of this stuff sounds pretty far out there to me, and I'm not usually a concoction maker, but this combo was heeeeeavenly.
posted by Muffpub at 9:27 AM on July 2, 2009

A friend of mine told me that he tried topping vanilla ice cream with bacon bits, and it tasted great.
posted by Chocolate Pickle at 10:21 AM on July 2, 2009

Nice thin slices of cucumber with thin slices of banana. Good combination of tastes and textures.
posted by mdoar at 10:23 AM on July 2, 2009

I've always been a fan of Lox (or smoked salmon) with cream cheese on Cinnamon Toast. It's a leap of faith the first time you try it, but it's just the classic salty/sweet combination.
posted by indiebass at 10:59 AM on July 2, 2009

Cream cheese with pimento green olives. In a sandwich, preferably.
posted by emyd at 11:01 AM on July 2, 2009

nebulawindphone, that sounds incredible. I just happen to have some garam masala on hand, too.
posted by emelenjr at 11:16 AM on July 2, 2009

1. cheddar, apple and sauerkraut (try them, layered, in a quesadilla; trust me)

2. saltines, crunched up in a glass of milk, eaten with a spoon
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tr0ubley: thanks for asking this question - this thread is *awesome*
posted by jammy at 2:46 PM on July 2, 2009

Cheese pizza and sriracha.
posted by box at 6:39 PM on July 2, 2009

If you cook white asparagus in bacon, you get something that tastes and smells a lot like peanuts. Seriously, I am peanut-allergic and the smell was almost making me feel sick.
posted by Earl the Polliwog at 7:07 PM on July 2, 2009

Peanut butter and bacon with mango chutney on raisin toast.

I read it in a James Beard book and it's fantastic.
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Salt and caramel (or salted caramels).
posted by foooooogasm at 10:13 AM on July 3, 2009

The one true combination of french fries & ice cream involves McDonalds.

Vanilla ice cream + salted peanuts + dried coconut
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a scrape of Marmite, with peanut butter on toast - it's like a saltier, more savoury version of peanut butter.
posted by iona at 5:00 AM on July 4, 2009

Sea salt and olive oil.
posted by box at 7:16 AM on July 4, 2009

For more delicious ideas (and photos!) from two amazing chefs: ideas in food.
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My favorite pizza joint in my hometown has awesome New-York-style pizza and equally awesome homemade chunky bleu cheese dressing.

I often dip my pizza (or just the crusts) in the dressing. People think I'm weird, but I hardly care. It's so damn good.
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There's a German restaurant by my house that does Cola Weiss which is basically 1/3 cola (in this case Pepsi) and 2/3 Hefe-Weisse (in this case Franziskaner). Delicious!!!
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Unless I missed it, we forgot peanut butter and hamburger. At a restaurant at Purdue, they call it the "Duane Purvis".

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Adding to this list:

• dip french fries in a chocolate milk shake. burger king works best for the fast food version
• French fries and a Frosty at Wendy's is better...

• French fries dipped in McDonald's hot fudge sundae


roasted chicken dipped occasionally in a mixture of tomato ketchup and Worcestershire sauce
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potato chips + dill pickle

cumin + just about anything

sriracha + corn on the cob
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Another good one I remembered today is marmalade and cayenne pepper, on buttered toast.
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-Vanilla and black pepper, especially in homemade ice cream (thanks Orangette!)
-That Mexican cheese, lime, and black pepper "sauce" slathered on grilled corn on the cob. Apparently you can buy the mayonnaise-y, lime-y sauce at Wal-Mart or something premade.
-Rosemary and cayenne/chile, coated on nuts with brown sugar or rubbed with into pork
-Meat/savory flavors and tart-sweet fruit or nuts. Beef plum stew, chicken with apricots and/or apples, mole-like Persian sweet stews like fesen joon, roasted sausages with red grapes, brats with sauteed apples and cream, etc. Spruces up the flavors in hearty comfort food dinner entrees and is a nod to old-world Eastern flavor profiles.
-Apples with licorice-like flavors (got this from the recent piece in Cook's Illustrated on chopped salads; one was an apple and fennel combo)
-Honeydew melon and fresh mint
-Not sure how unique it is as a combo, but rhubarb and any sweet creamy accompaniment--think fresh rhubarb, vanilla ice cream, mascarpone, etc--is wonderful, especially if you bake the rhubarb beforehand and drizzle it with its own sugary syrup
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this thread is BLOWING UP, but I still want to join in the fun:

a slice of american cheese and a banana, made famous by mister rogers and hilariously featured on mcsweeney's "reviews of new foods"

fry an egg with good amount of butter and salt, sprinkle with a little nutmeg

chocolate cokes (ie. pour chocolate syrup in coke and stir, one of my dad's standard childhood soda fountain orders

spam musubi: white rice and a slice of spam (pan fried, sometimes with a little teriyaki or soy sauce) wrapped in nori like a giant sushi roll
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Great sandwich combo: peanut butter, crisp bacon, thin slices of a sweet-tart apple.

My uncle used to eat chocolate chip cookies with baby dills sandwiched between them... surprisingly good!
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Sprinkle cinnamon on the cut side of a grapefruit half and microwave it for 1 minute. Awesome.
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Nobody's mentioned it yet? Minced up radishes + butter, on any kind of toasty bread.
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And I'm back, because I just remembered (and had) peanut butter spread on celery with chopped dried apricots, sprinkled with a little salt.
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* Mango and chili powder (as mentioned above), but also with lime and salt. Divine.
* Avocado and basalmic vinegar.
* 50/50 honey and olive oil. Dip really pillowy, doughy bread in this. Yum.
* Next time you're having sushi, taste a bit of pickled ginger. Then take a sip of a good Japanese beer. This wonderful, smooth and slightly sweet sensation will roll over your tongue - I haven't figured out what's behind this reaction, but it's one of my favorite combinations.
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Basil & bacon (on a BLT) have a very interesting harmony together.
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