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Where can I get "invisible" picture frames for wall mounting?

I have been searching for "invisible" picture frames for a while. Basically either glass or acrylic and held together on the sides with little bracket thingies (something like this). I need several in various sizes for about 12 prints I have and am striking out! I am in the US so eu pricing and shipping is right out.

Alternatively, any DIY suggestions for this kind of project is great, I am relatively handy although do not have any heavy construction type tools (IE would need to get the plastic or glass already sized, can handle hot glue, sauter, hammers, screws, etc).
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The term you want to search for is clip frame.
posted by greta simone at 1:33 PM on June 29, 2009

Ikea usually has these if you have an Ikea nearby.
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I've seen them at art supply stores and Bed Bath & Beyond.
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Ikea's clip frames are really cheap. At least the 4x6 ones are. You can get a 4-pack of 4x6 frames for $1.29, though I can't tell if that's a temporary sale price. Other sizes don't always fit into the standard US photo size schema.
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone so far! "Clip frame" was obviously the search term I was missing. Haven't seen these on ikea but can easily order online! Thanks so far.

Anyone having any last minute DIY suggestions ... I'm all ears =)
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There are also acrylic frames that are like a big flat money clip and you just slide your picture in one of the open sides. Another acrylic style is a white cardboard box that fits inside an acrylic box that's missing one side so the cardboard box can be slid inside; your picture goes between the cardboard box and the acrylic. I would look for either of these at a place like Walgreens.
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DIY solution:

precut glass/acrylic, cardstock/matboard and four binder clips. You can even hang it from one of the clips.
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Response by poster: Buttercup--ok, where do you get glass or acrylic cut?
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Any local glass shop can cut glass for you (and sometimes acrylic if they stock it). It would be better to go with acrylic(aka lexan) as its lighter and won't break as easily.

You can also get both glass and acrylic in precut sizes (5x7", 8x10", etc) at Home Depot and Lowes. If a specific size is needed they may be able to cut it there or you can buy a scoring tool and cut it yourself (score and snap).

good luck.
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Seconding the Ikea frames. I have several and it's one of those things that I pick up out of habit when I'm at the store. Mrs_Eep says they come in several different sizes.
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