Has anyone seen this image before?
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What is the origin of this image? Is it from an advertisement? Is it an original artwork? Photographer, artist, illustrator, ad/design agency, stock photo/illustration site - any information at all would help.
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Best answer: Looks like maybe its Jiri Adamek --> http://www.pseudopseudo.com/index.php

..which I found by submitting the mystery picture url to http://tineye.com/
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Looks kind of like Lenny Kravitz might be the subject. Album cover, endorsement, or part of a promotion package?
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The color scheme of the sparklies leads me to believe it might be Zune-related.
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Best answer: The artist is Jiri Adamek and it is a party flyer\poster. http://www.pseudopseudo.com/
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Response by poster: Yes! Thanks very much - and thanks for the tineye site as well.
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