Help Me Find Best Airfares Belfast to Malaga
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What are the most economical airlines for flights from Belfast, Ireland to Malaga, Spain?

I am trying to make sure I get the best fare from Belfast, Ireland to Malaga, Spain for (outbound, late July; inbound early August). So far, the best fare seems to be being quoted £465 for 2 adults (includes 1 hold baggage per person; speedy boarding as I am told that "it's a mess" trying to check-in and board; and travel insurance).

Question - since I am familiar with American carriers airlines and not European carriers - am I missing major search engines or European carriers on which I could get a better deal? Other ideas? I think the EasyJet quote is not bad considering it's high season, but I want to make sure I'm not missing out on anything.

Thanks, mefites...hoping to book in the next day or two at the latest.
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am I missing major search engines or European carriers on which I could get a better deal?

Malaga is the kind of destination where the flight-only wing of the charter/package operators (Thomas Cook, First Choice, Thomson etc) has potential. Thomson Airways does Belfast-Malaga and so does First Choice, though they only travel once or twice a week, and so you may have trouble finding something open.
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I had good luck using They will list cheap flights and then you can go to the airlines' websites. Vueling is a Spanish airline that has some flights within Europe, in addition to the main cheap airlines, EasyJet and Ryanair. When you book on these airlines, make sure you check in early for your flight; even though you bought a ticket, it's "first come, first served" and they are known to overbook. Also, they tend to have surprise charges when you pay with your credit card online (about 8 Euros).
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I have been looking at Europe flights and used - sounds similar to that Dilemma mentioned. Good luck!
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That seems somewhat expensive for Easyjet. - although it isn't very 'in advance' so may be fine.

Dliemma is fear mongering - I fly budget airlines all the time and have never had a problem with this overbooking - However getting there early can mean you get to board in Group A instead of Group B. and hence can get a better seat. (no assigned seating on Easyjet you realise?).

I never bother with Priority Boarding and never get the Insurance. do you need insurance? If you can get in group A you board directly after the 'Priority boarders' And its really not that much of "a mess" now that they have all the self check in terminals for people travelling without Check in Luggage. (the Check In Queues are shorter).

Also i'd try

to check on relative prices.
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