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Can you think of any films that include a scene where the characters play Charades, or a similar party game?

I've been tasked with writing a screenplay for, and possibly shooting, a short film about a rowdy game of Charades at a party. I'd like to see how other movies have done this kind of thing, as much to avoid repetition as for inspiration. Examples from theatre or TV shows (though no game shows, please) would also be helpful. Thanks!
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There is a hilarious scene in When Harry Met Sally where they play a pictionary-type game. ("Baby Fish Mouth!")
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They play charades on Will and Grace. A bit of googling looks like it was in episode 1.21, Alley Cats.
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Not from a movie, but this ESPNU commercial depicts a game of charades. "Taco meat."
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I feel like there is a scene of charades in Metropolitan, but I can't seem to remember clearly.
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The Anniversary Party had a pretty good scene like this; there was a lot of cursing from one husband to his wife, I think, because the clues she'd been giving were so awful.
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Will & Grace playing pyramid! Episodes 1-10 & 1-18 (although Grace is replaced with Val) are two that I can find online but I'm pretty sure there are more in later seasons.

Desperate Housewives S04E03 - Susan and Mike throw a charades party.
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I second the suggestion to check out old episodes of Will and Grace. Hilarious stuff!
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The Mystery of Mr. Wong, with Boris Karloff. A horrible movie, but a game of charades is a key plot point.

There's an episode of "Samantha Who?" where they play charades.
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The Birthday Party has a rather creepy game of Blind Man's Bluff.
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There's a pretty good scene in an episode of Frasier during its Felicity Huffman period.
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Not a film, but in Friends they played Pictionary in one episode - I remember one of them drawing Bye Bye Birdie.
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Doing a Google search for charades in the movie connections section of IMDB brings up a lot of results, such as the film The Family Stone.
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They played "porno Pictionary" in the criminally underrated The Cable Guy.
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There's a quick scene in the Muppets Christmas Carrol when Scrooge is with the Ghost of Christmas Present, and there is a party game that mocks him - I think it's a variant of 20 questions.
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Priscilla Queen of the Desert has a short game near the end that is very tame compared with the rest of the film.
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Correction: they played Porno Password in The Cable Guy
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There's a scene/gag in Young Frankenstein were Frankenstein has to use charades to spell out 'sedative' to two other characters because he can't speak at the time due to being strangled by the Monster
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Wedding Daze with Jason Biggs has a charades scene.
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There is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode called "Hush" that basically comes off as one large game of charades....
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The Home Is Where The Hate Is episode of The Venture Brothers features super villains playing charades.
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In "A Christmas Carol" during the ghost of Christmas present section Scrooge watches his Nephew and family playing the party game similes.
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There's a very funny charades scene in Season 4 Episode 12 of the Dick Van Dyke Show, called "Death of the Party"
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In Simpsons episode "A Milhouse Divided", the Van Houtens break up publicly after a nasty game of Pictionary.
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Here's a list of all the movied in IMDB that have "charades" as a plot keyword: You can then flip through the individual plot summaries...
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Oh also: You can go to and type "charades" in the "word search" field and choose "plots" from the list of fields to search. This will give you all the movies that have "charades" anywhere in their plot summary (regardless of whether it's tagged as a keyword).
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Is Pictionary similar? They play that in The Breakup with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.
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The Breakup (a couple fighting over a game) and He's Just Not That Into You (a couple falling in love over a game).
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Oh, also the Family Stone. SJP offends everyone by trying to get people to guess the world 'black' by pointing at a black guy.
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In an episode of The Office (US) called Dinner Party, a game of charades helps a party fall apart.
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Return of the Secaucus Seven

Oddly enough, in Charade (starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn), they do not play Charades during the party scene, but instead play the party game in which strangers line up to pass an orange around without using their hands.
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Oh, oh! There's a trailer features Sully and Mike from Monsters, Inc, playing charades. I don't think this action occurs within the film, though.
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This scene featuring "Ted and Ralph" from The Fast Show.
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One of the episodes in Grey's Anatomy starts with a word association game. It was 2.22.
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Wedding Daze with Isla Fisher and Jason Biggs has a couple charade scenes
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