You're a hot mess.
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Okay, I know this is humiliating. I agreed with you in advance. (Hi, everybody!) But. I was listening to Digitally Imported the other day....

... and I know I should have somehow checked the track list? Or something? What I heard was some sort of Christian Siriano (Amy Poehler?) remix.... 'Hey tranny, it's tranny. You goin' to the club? Hang on, someone's texting me. ...You're a hot mess.' And so on. So WHO MIXED THAT?
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Which station were you listening to? has tracklists for each one.
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I've been wondering about this question since I saw it float by this summer, and today I happened across this video, a mashup of the Amy Poehler soundbites with "You Gotta Go" by Taborah. Was this it?
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