Organizations like CASA (for foster children) in Canada?
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Organizations like CASA (for foster children) in Canada?

My American sister has adopted a foster child after three years. Our whole family has been very moved by this little girl's story and have become very attached to her. I am a teacher myself, and have dealt with other children in these situations. I would like to help.

I know that in the USA, where my sister is, there is an organization called CASA which trains volunteers to serve as advocates for children in cases like this. I have been unable to find evidence of any sort of similar group in Canada (Ontario, GTA region) specifically. I have tried every Google combination I can think of, and either we don't have people who do this sort of thing here, or it's called something different.

Does anyone know what sort of group or organization I migt be looking for here? Is there a Canadian equivalent to CASA?
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I had never heard of CASA before, but I scanned their website. It seems similar to the guardian ad litem program. Maybe check and see if there's anything like that in canada?
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Response by poster: I have done google searches for that too and found nothing. Either we don't have programs like this, ir we do and I just don't know what they are called so that I can properly search for them...
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Best answer: Whether the same work is being done and whether there's an agency that happens to do the exact same set of jobs as CASA are two different issues.

Do you know about the Ontario Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth. That office is probably a good resource for finding out who does the stuff you're looking for, if they're not the agency you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Thank you, Winston. There was an email address on that website and I have emailed them asking them to point me in the right direction. It's too bad we don't seem to have CASA here. I have heard they do great work. My sister's child, in spite of some challenges, has really done well and I would just love to be able to help other children get similar outcomes. It's not their fault when these things happen!
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