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What are you paying for rent in Asheville NC?

Apartments or houses.

Square feet & area (cross roads or neighborhood.

Thanks everyone!!
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Best answer: I don't live there, but my friend is paying $550 for a really nice studio garage apartment with a huge porch just off Charlotte Street near downtown.
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Best answer: You could probably find a pretty nice one bedroom from around $700 really close to downtown Asheville, Montford, or in West Asheville. For a room, anywhere from 300-400 would be pretty reasonable.
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Best answer: I pay $655 for a 2-bedroom/2-bath apartment in a nice neighborhood just North of the University, maybe 2 miles from downtown. That is somewhat below average though. I know people renting a small house in Woodfin (just North of the city limits) for ~$800, and I had an apartment in Leicester (West) at one of those mega-complexes that was ~$750 for 2B/2B.

There is Craigslist in Asheville, that might give you a better idea of what to expect.
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Response by poster: Sweet...

Just what I was hoping to hear.. Less expensive than here in Michigan.

And with a nicer view to boot.

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Best answer: $750ish on a six-month or greater lease in "one of those mega-complexes" (950 sq ft) or so, though month-to-month is $900ish. A decent sized 3/2 two-floor house very near downtown (Montford/Merrimon-ish, 1400-1500 sq ft) seems to run at about $1250/mo on a one-year lease. West is cheaper. The MountainX's classifieds are also useful, though CL is where it's at nowadays..
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