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Songfilter: I heard a prog-rock song with chanting in it, please help me find it.

Sometime ago (I can't remember the date/time, so I can't track it down that way) I was listening to a college radio station, and I happened to listen to this song that's been haunting me ever since.

I remember it as a prog-rock song, which after a very good crescendo exploded into a long section of chanting that seemed to intertwine its chanters, that seemed like Buddhist chanting or something like that. The song didn't seem new, because it seemed like a 70s song, but I can be definitely wrong.

Does anyone have any ideas, I've been meaning to ask this question for a long time.
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If the decade is wrong, it could be a VAST song -- his first album (Visual Audio Sensory Theater) has tons of chant, and Touched got decent radio play about ten years ago.
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The chanting was done by males though, with very low voices, and during the chanting I don't remember any music going along with it, maybe only sound effects.

VAST sounds interesting though, and I am familiar with that type of singing, so I'll check that album out.
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It's not Enigma's Return to Innocence, is it? It sampled Aboriginal Taiwanese (not Buddhist) chanting. It certainly had plenty of College Radio airplay, along with mainstream commercial radio.
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Haha, that's a classic song! I think I've seen an anti-drug commercial with it, but that's not it. :)
I am talking about chanting very similar to this.
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Coheed and Cambria's Welcome Home? It meets all the criteria except for being from the 70s, though he does kind of have a 70's voice to me, whatever that means.
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I can't imagine this being on the radio, but was it the Halo theme?
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My shot in the dark: Pink Floyd's Fearless. The chanting subtly pops up throughout the song but can't be heard well until around 4:50 onwards. The Wikipedia says it's Liverpool FC, which is neat.
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Could it have been something from Aphrodite's Child's 666? Several of the songs off that album feature chanting of one variety or another.
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Seconding 666. Or perhaps something by Comus? Gentle Giant?

Also, Mellotrons were ubiquitous in 70s Prog, so there's a chance you might just be thinking of the Male Choir tapeset. If that's the case, it could be damn near anything. (Jethro Tull's My God comes to mind.)

All that said, the first band I think of when I think "Buddhist chant," is the Beastie Boys: 1, 2.
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Another Pink Floyd guess... "Absolutely Curtains", last song on the album "Obscured By Clouds". Definitely Prog rock from the '70s.
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Have you listened to Acid Mothers Temple? Your description perfectly fits them, but they are very prolific and have a number of songs that have a psych/prog/noise freakout interspersed with chanting and toning, so it might take some time to find the exact song you are looking for.
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For example, this song by Acid Mothers Temple, is a live version that begins with chanting and goes into the full band playing.
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Yeah, I instantly thought of Gentle Giant's Knots, too.
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How about this: Ricardo Villalobos, Enfants (Chants)?
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Are you from Canada? Some Max Webster tunes have chanting, from the 70's, somewhat prog.
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