smudgeproof stainless steel fridge?
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We're looking for a refrigerator that meets the following criteria:

counter depth, french door (sometimes called bottom freezer), no external ice or water dispenser, but with internal ice & water and - here's the tricky one - a fingerprintless/smudgeproof stainless steel finish. Bonus points if stainless steel finish is authentic (as opposed to a grey satin color) and if the fridge is magnetic. Preferably under $2500.

This GE model is the only real contender I have found so far... Surely there are other options out there!

Can you help? Searching the interweb for details has proved surprisingly fruitless and frustrating so far.

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No help on the fridge selection process, but I found a $50 rebate (pdf link) if you buy that GE model at Lowe's before July 5th.
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The top freezer fridges use the cooljuice from the freezer on top to cool the bottom.

It might not change your mind, but cleaning the stainless steel fridges with WD40 will cut down on dust and fingerprints significantly.
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FYI the parts are more expensive but GE reefers break a lot less frequently than many other brands.
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Sears Outlet has refurbs, scratch and dent and display models. You might be able to find the GE model there in your price range.

Also, isn't internal water somewhat rare? Internal ice not so much, but I'm thinking internal water might be the limiting factor.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips. Internal water is more of a nice-to-have rather than a must-have, so if that ends up being a sticking point, we will let that requirement go.
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I found this Samsung 26.0 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator (Color: Platinum) at Lowe's @ $1528.20 (your price will likely vary). Not exactly what you're looking for, but substantially cheaper than the GE.

I suspect you'll likely have to hit the ground & check out the appliance section of Lowe's/HD, applicance stores/warehouses, etc to find your prize. Good luck!
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