Recommend some Windows repair utilities
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If you were going to bring a USB drive to repair a bunch of workstations, what are some of the latest Windows XP/Vista repair utilities that you would put on it?

I used to do a lot of computer repair and recovery but my career has taken me in a somewhat different direction over the past few years. Sadly, I'm a bit rusty on the specifics.

I have a work assignment (volunteer) coming-up that involves both training another individual on standard computer maintenance and repair and assisting in getting a number of their workstations into a workable state. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the hardware information to prepare ahead of time.

I know that there have been questions in the past regarding recommended tools to solve Windows issues (viruses, rootkits, registry bloat etc.) but I can't seem to track any of them down. Also, they might be a bit dated.

Give me your best! Thanks.

A few I've come up with are:
AVG (or ClamWin)
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
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Tune Up Utilities, AVG/Avast, Ad-Aware and Revo Uninstaller take care of almost everything I run into.
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K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool and/or Filmerit for wading through DirectShow filter hell.
PowerMenu to adjust process priority and be able to set some windows on top or transparent while I work.
ImgBurn and a Linux disc image of your choosing OR an already-burned LiveCD of same.
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To get a whole bunch of packaged, portable apps in a kit for what you're doing, check out this lifehacker article
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SpaceMonger is a good free utility if they need to free up hard drive space.
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deezil's mefi profile looks like it has some links to good software for dealing with infected PCs. I just ran across it by way of his post in this thread.
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I'm just about to head out the door for this very reason. This is great.

What I had on my stick as of last night:
- AdBlock extension
- IE Tab extension
AVG Free
- Boot Disk files for the various XP versions for use by ComboFix
startuplist (I don't know where this originally came from, unfortunately. It handily consolidates the various places where stuff gets started automatically into one window for review)
Windows XP Service Pack 3

I also take an Acronis bootable CD and a large USB hard drive. If you don't have internet handy it's nice to have an EVDO or similar USB modem.
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I would suggest some sort of Linux LiveCD for scoping out the hard drive without actually booting to it or running anything.
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