Recommend some Windows repair utilities
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If you were going to bring a USB drive to repair a bunch of workstations, what are some of the latest Windows XP/Vista repair utilities that you would put on it?

I used to do a lot of computer repair and recovery but my career has taken me in a somewhat different direction over the past few years. Sadly, I'm a bit rusty on the specifics.

I have a work assignment (volunteer) coming-up that involves both training another individual on standard computer maintenance and repair and assisting in getting a number of their workstations into a workable state. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the hardware information to prepare ahead of time.

I know that there have been questions in the past regarding recommended tools to solve Windows issues (viruses, rootkits, registry bloat etc.) but I can't seem to track any of them down. Also, they might be a bit dated.

Give me your best! Thanks.

A few I've come up with are:
AVG (or ClamWin)
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
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Tune Up Utilities, AVG/Avast, Ad-Aware and Revo Uninstaller take care of almost everything I run into.
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K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool and/or Filmerit for wading through DirectShow filter hell.
PowerMenu to adjust process priority and be able to set some windows on top or transparent while I work.
ImgBurn and a Linux disc image of your choosing OR an already-burned LiveCD of same.
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Best answer: To get a whole bunch of packaged, portable apps in a kit for what you're doing, check out this lifehacker article
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Best answer: SpaceMonger is a good free utility if they need to free up hard drive space.
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Best answer: deezil's mefi profile looks like it has some links to good software for dealing with infected PCs. I just ran across it by way of his post in this thread.
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I would suggest some sort of Linux LiveCD for scoping out the hard drive without actually booting to it or running anything.
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