How to get accepted by DMOZ?
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DMOZ question. I co-run a hobby site (who doesn't, these days?), but it's become quite a valuable resource for said hobby. We submitted it to (the open directory project) a few times, but we never get an answer, let alone get listed in the relevant category. Our request to be listed is perfectly reasonable, but what does it take to get accepted?
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It depends.

Really, your category may have an overworked editor, or an editor who isn't an expert on the category. Allegations have been made that uncouth editors will deny submissions based on the interests of their own sites.

But in the end, it's patience. And making doubly, triply sure that you are submitting to the most relevant category.

I've had some help at the Search Engine Watch forums. Good luck to you!
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I'd also say that while being in DMOZ is nice, it's not going to garner all that much traffic for you. You'll still do a lot better to develop a rapport with blogs or other web sites that are related to your hobby. So don't sweat it as a big deal if it takes a while. Keep plugging away at getting your URL out in other ways.
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Like, for example, including it in your Metafilter profile.
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I used to be an editor and there are several things it could be. It would help to know which category you're submitting to as well as what site you're submitting. How often are you resubmitting it? Is the site already listed in other categories? Are the title and description you're submitting well-written and unbiased? I know that when I did it, I often did the submissions that required the least amount of reworking first, just to get the numbers down. They could also be holding off because the category you're submitting it to is being reorganized. Basically, it could be just about anything.

Also, it just takes a long time. If you look at the submission guidelines, they mention that it can take several weeks. Has it been that long yet? If so, you could try sending a nicely-worded note to the editor(s) of that section asking whether the listing is being rejected, and if so, is there anything you can do to fix it. You could also ask if there's a particular reason it hasn't been added yet, and if there's anything you can do to help.

Click on the editor(s) name at the bottom of the category page you're submitting it to and you'll see a link to send the editor a note. If there isn't an editor listed, go to the next category up in the hierarchy.
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Once upon a time, Google used DMOZ. They've given that up. Since then, I haven't seen any serious traffic from over there. Perhaps fewer than 5 referrals in a year.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys. I guess I better include that site in my profile... [/shameless plug]
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Google still uses DMOZ, but I don't think they include it in the standard search results anymore.
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I am an editor (not under this username though) and have a few suggestions:

  • Check the editor profiles for the category you are editing and see if it has been updated recently. Maybe they put down that they have retired or maybe they have updated the page to reflect a current event.
  • Ask on the "public" ODP discussion boards like this one. Many ODP editors and meta-editors check the site regularly. If you make a request there, it is likely that a meta-editor or editor in a higher category may add your site anyway if it meets the standards.
  • Ask the editor politely about your posting. Many times inactive editors will be jarred by an email and will add your site while not adding the thousands of others that might be in their queue.

  • This FAQ may be of use to you.
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