Contacting DMOZ
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How do you contact the folk behind DMOZ, other than individual editors?
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Response by poster: I've used some of those forms (not sure if I've used that specific one) and not had a reply.
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My opinion of DMOZ is pretty negative. I've rarely been able to get a legitimate website added, and I've been rejected for an editor position for a category that is still empty. I've never had any luck getting anyone to reply.
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Getting a reply is a different matter. It's a small group of people(volunteers) who likely get a lot of email, hence the forms. I imagine a lot of the email goes unanswered. All I can suggest is try the form, spell out your concern or question as clearly and specifically as possible and politely request a response.

You could also go to the Open Directory Administrator Guidelines page at the bottom of which you will find a list of the administrators and their areas of responsibility. Click on an administrator name and you will go to their profile page where their is a link to their individual feedback form. If you can target your querry to the right person you might have better luck.
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The folk behind DMOZ now are AOL/Time/Warner/Netscape/Whatever managers. If you have a business reason, try writing a paper business letter to a business address. Maybe this one?

America Online, Inc.
22000 AOL Way
Dulles, VA 20166

If you mean you want to contact the people who founded DMOZ, they have mostly moved on and maybe aren't very interested in DMOZ anymore.

And there are other angles you could take. It depends on who you want to contact and why. Is there an actual person you want to write to?
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When I was an editor there, the administrators spent a lot of time in the forum section and would be more likely to answer a question posed there than one over email. There is also the ODP Insider blog which is pretty well dead but might have some advice. So, I know it seems counterintuitive but if this is some lifeordeath thing, becoming an editor [you don't have to do editing, but go through the process to get a login etc] will give you access to the forums where you can ask your question of a bunch of DMOZers at once.
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