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Where did Google's advanced search feature disappear to this time, and why do they keep moving it around? Is there any way I can edit my settings so that it's always in a nice visible place?

Of course the direct /advanced_search URL is always an option, but I'd prefer to just be able to click. This answer is no longer relevant (unless maybe I'm in some beta test group or something), as the gear that they mention has disappeared from my main page.
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Do a search, once it gives you the first page of results look down at the bottom and choose Advanced Search.
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Best answer: The gear on the right is also there after you do a search, so that's another way to get to it.

I have complained about this to Google, so annoying to not be able to START from an advanced search. But we are librarians, we probably don't search the same way a typical Google user does.
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Why not bookmark the advanced search page? Presumably you've already bookmarked the Google search page...
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Response by poster: It may be embarrassing to admit, but I usually either click on the recently visited tab in Chrome's new tab interface, or type in the URL. Force of habit, I suppose, and not likely to change. Also, this would be for instances where I was away from my personal computer - a computer lab, for example.

It would appear as though just going directly to the URL is the quickest way, since if I'm typing in a search then I might as well do it once instead of doing it, clicking on something, and then modifying it.
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Yep, I actually use the advanced search as my home page. Never had a problem with it disappearing.
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