Cubed time? Ha, fool. Nature is a dodecahedron! You have been educated *stupid*.
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SchizoFilter: I'd like to become a connoisseur of internet crazy. Does Timecube have a more harmonious 5-Day cousin? I know Cindy McCain (but not John, thankfully) is a Reptilian, but are they mole people, too? Can I get cursed by some chain-mail, please? I want all the crazy! Let loose your delirium, MeFi!

I had been pondering asking this for awhile, but today's post on the Blue on crackpot physicists gave me the little extra bit of motivation I needed.

Off the top of my head, I'm familiar with some old favorites: UFO Watch, David Icke, and, of course, Timecube. I also remember being really fascinated by the chain of oddly disconcerting personal homepages (which I guess is more "spooky shit" than "schizo shit," per se) and conspiracy sites that appeared to be linked to the story of the Duclod Man, most of which I believe are now down.

I think the idea of the internet as vector and stage for modern folklore (the terrible layouts, OH, the layouts!) and possible role in reinforcing these pseudo/truly delusional beliefs is really interesting, and I'd love to have more material to munch on.

(Secondary interest: Any cool articles akin to the linked MeFi post about internet crackpots would also be palatable!)
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Best answer: Coast to Coast AM is the ultimate source for all things fringe.

Get Rapture Ready!

TIME WAVE ZERO! aka Novelty Theory. Shamanic Colonic. What The Bleep Do We Know?! Peripheral Vision Psychosis.
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The Pope of Soap
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Check out the Portal of Evil archives. The catagories you probably want to look at are:



Society & Culture-Conspiracies

Ah, this is bringing up memories of when Portal of Evil was my preferred time-suck over Metafilter. Kind of like worst of the web VS best of the web.
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If you want crazy, try the Ultimate Warrior (yes, the wrestler) graphic novel. Here is a video review and here a written one.

The text on those comic pages is very eerie - it really sounds like the ravings of a madman, someone speaking in tongues or a fast-talking life coach with severe head trauma.
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The best guy out there for my money is the "Scientific Proof Of God" (SPOG) physicist who is all over Google Groups acting contentious and sending open letters to Stephen Hawking. He claims to have shown that God exists using the Cartesian coordinate system.
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In this thread regarding strange road trip sightings, gemmy links to a page regarding the Georgia Guidestones.

Said page is courtesy of Radio Liberty, which is ... interesting, to say the least. A quote from the Georgia Guidestones page: Any time you hear the phrase "Sustainable Development" used, you should substitute the term "socialism" to be able to understand what is intended.
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A compilation of links about crazy pseudoscience (including Time Cube). The professor whose site that is usually teaches a class just about debunking pseudoscience, but it looks like he isn't this year.
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The H.Y.B.R.I.D guy appears to now have a blog.

The actual website apears to be deleted. Good job I saved my own copy somewhere.
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Go old-school and check out alt.usenet.kooks
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This is dating me a bit, but here's "1995 July Internet "Kook of the Month"" John Turmel. Among other things, he is extremely proud of his election results.

Way back when, I got on him to stop cross-posting his Usenet screeds to a few local groups, and eventually cancelled the postings. This led to a bizarre afternoon where I had two Ottawa policemen over for tea and a talk about how Usenet worked, after he'd complained to them about my tampering with legitimate election information &c. They were very nice and very apologetic ("It's Turmel, we know, we know, we just have to follow it up").

He is into pot as well as kooky pseudo-economics.
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Best answer: Prince Leopold does curse healing over the internet.

His life story is a lesson to us all.

The young prince had secretly trained himself to become a spiritual expert and learned to communicate with spirits and animals, especially the dolphins who used to visit when he called them.

He is also an artist!
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One of my favorites is mars face/NASA conspiracy nut Richard Hoagland. And sure enough I checked his site and he's offering "The Hyperdimensional Election of Barack Obama and 2012" in DVD form.
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Can I get cursed by some chain-mail, please?"

This is a fascinating topic, but believe me: You do NOT want these people to get ahold of your email address. I speak from experience.
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Oh this is absolutely crucial:

Messages from dead U.S. presidents

(from here. Also includes messages from dead journalists.)
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Coast to Coast AM is the ultimate source for all things fringe.

Whitley Strieber's Unknown County and radio show Dreamland are so batshitinsane1 that, in terms of intellectual credibility, it makes Coast to Coast AM look like the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton by comparison.

1Current headline in the Dreamland site: "My Implant: A Scientist Speaks Out."
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Of course, it's worth going through the posts tagged with batshitinsane on Metafilter.
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He isn't a crackpot, but Ulillillia's site is a fascinating read and something you might enjoy (linked to on Mefi earlier).
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Here's an older site associated with the book "Kooks: A Guide to the Outer Limits of Human Belief" by crackpotologist D. Kossy:

The Kooks Museum

Wow, my own site made it to Portal of Evil! They liked the Kindergarten Solar Furnace Deathsquad.
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Heroic Homosex (totally NSFW). It's like the Timecube of gay sex.
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RealityCarnival.Com can be a lot of fun.
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I always really, really, really liked this UUSENET post, which bobbed up here and there in a couple places inexpxlicably about 10 years ago.
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deep rabbit hole , suggest Mayan Palingenesis for topical dot connecting .
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Heroic Homosex (totally NSFW). It's like the Timecube of gay sex. I.. wow. Seriously. That is bringin some crazy right there.
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Educate yourself!
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Or get back to the basics

(kibo is actually a really nice guy, from various NPRish reports I've heard over the years, many of the internet crazies are perfectly decent IRL. But I guess that wasn't the point ;-)
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The Bilderberg Group is the center of many a conspiracy theory..

Some of the 9/11 Truth people are def. out there.
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Rainbows are not natural.

Isn't this a little LOLMENTALILLNESS? Maybe I'm being too sensitive.
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Best answer: Here's one to meet all your lulzing needs. Or try this. Yet more high quality schizo shit that a discerning connoisseur like yourself should appreciate.

Thanks for asking this question. Because if there's anything today's Internet lacks, it's cheap mockery by overprivileged douchetards.
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Well played, melissa may. Thank you for being our conscience. I mean that honestly.
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I feel bad for even knowing the story of Christian Weston Chandler. Google that name, check out his websites and comics, then laugh, then stop laughing, then sort of sit at the computer with a distant expression, then go outside and meet friends for drinks and talk about jobs, dates and lives.
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This is what I could salvage quickly from The Bobby Fischer website. I checked quickly, it but includes loads original documents. He published his correspondence with about any government outfit there is, and there are mp3 radio shows which invariably end in anti-(anti-anti-anti-anti-)semitic ranting. The fact that it is now only viewable in archive org, with missing files here and there, somehow adds to whole eerieness of the Fischer webexperience. The original website was somewhat organized like his paranoia, with a multitude of cross linked pages that becomes a bit too much for an ordinary mortal after a click or two.
When I was a kid, he was one of my heroes. It was really sad to see him go down like this. His website is proof that his talent for madness was at least as big as his talent for the game
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Spiritual Science Research Foundation, "empirical" research for all your spirits/Jesii/ghosts/chakra/Japanese footbath needs.
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I've always thought that GoddessKRING woman was a little much.
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(kibo is actually a really nice guy,

Completely aside from that, kibo is not the sort of net.kook we're talking about here. At all. Totally not an answer to the question.

Neutopia, on the other hand, is / was the ur-net.kook.
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