Looking for a fiction anthology
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I'm looking for a fiction anthology, and only vaguely remember the title or what the book looked like. [more inside]

During my senior year of high school, about 1993, a friend loaned me an anthology of stories that still haunts my thoughts. The book was a thick hardcover, and the jacket was a sepia white with brown lettering. I think the title was Pulp Fictions, and was a collection of horror/sci-fi/fantasy story shorts gathered from a magazine.

A couple of stories still stick with me: The two headed man that was actually a man carrying a armless and legless midget in a backpack, who romanced a tacky waitress. A home invasion written from the pov of a four year old, run on sentences and all and including the death of a kitten by garbage disposal. A story I believe was called Savage Breast, about a secretary who's breasts became sentient through exercise and chose her a husband.

I know, all bizarre stories. But I'd love to read the anthology again, and any help locating the proper title or a copy would be fantastic.
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Googling "pulp fictions" anthology turns up stuff. Dunno if it's the right stuff, though:
This one describes some of the stories; Amazon has the one they're talking about but no picture of the cover.
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Googling "Savage Breast" turned up a book review for Witpunk.
From what you described, this might be it.
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Best answer: I found another anthology titled The Best of Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine.
It has the two-headed man story as well.
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Response by poster: The Best of Pulphouse is it! I forgot about The Third Sex. That was another odd short from the collection that stood out. Thank you so much.
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