Looking for a way for my class to send something to the troops overseas
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I'm looking for a way for my class to send something to the troops overseas to show our support for them. Anyone here know how to go about this?
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I vaguely remember something like this on the old version of the Tucker Max Message Board ... a 1st Grade (?) class basically adopted a troop and wrote letters/pictures them. Some of the troop responses were posted on the board -- they seemed very touched and appreciative.
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Staying (semi) local, you could call the community affairs department at Ft. Benning and ask them to put you in touch with GA soldiers.

Ft. Benning Info
Community Relations, 706-545-2238
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Have you tried the Books for Soldiers website? Note : To gain access to the forum where soldiers list their requests & addresses requires registration.
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Any Soldier seems like a good program. There's a database of contacts from various army, navy, marine, and air force personnel who somewhat regularly send updates with photos and requests and, through these named contacts, care packages and mail are distributed widely, with the express purpose of ensuring everyone receives something, at least sometime.
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THIS seems an excellent way, albeit to those who have unfortunately had to come home for recovery (via Making Light), perhaps minus the political commentary....
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This Department of Defense page links to several organizations and programs that might fit the bill.
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To second lumiere's suggestion, our church has used Any Soldier, and had great success. We've gotten 4 cards back so far from some of the soldiers to whom we've sent packages. Seems to work really well.
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