Looking for a full text English translation of Peter Zapffe essay "The Last Messiah", online or in print
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After reading Sticherbeast's FPP on the Thomas Ligotti interview, I was very eager to read the Peter Zapffe essay Ligotti refers to--"The Last Messiah".

A look with Google and Amazon turned up no full texts in English, for free or otherwise. Do any MeFites have a translation of "The Last Messiah" they'd be willing to share or sell, or leads on where to find same?
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There's a very brief summary in English of Zapffe's later work Om det tragiske 'On the Tragic' here (apparently it's an expanded exploration of the themes outlined in 'The Last Messiah'). As to where to find 'The Last Messiah': I couldn't find anything either.
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The essay is available at philosophynow.org. It requires you to be a subscriber, but it looks like that's what you want.
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Oh, and I don't remember what google-fu I used, but somewhere along the line I saw that the English translation was done by Gisle Tangenes, so it didn't take long from there.
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More along the lines of "On the Tragic", there's publishing information for it here (though now that I think of it, the book may be in Norwegian).
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Thanks, stovenator, that's just what I wanted.
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