Andromeda for Video
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Is there something like Andromeda for video-oriented assets such as quicktime movies? Alternatively, does Andromeda support video formats, and I just can't find the info in the docs?
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Well, there's QTSS

It will compile and run on just about any platform.
posted by tomierna at 6:28 PM on November 28, 2004

Netjuke and Zina are both open source alternatives to Andromeda. Netjuke says that video will soon be supported, but the article that mentions that is over 15 months old, so I don't know if that means it does have it, or it never will, or what.

Worst case scenario, it is open source, so there might be a plugin somewhere.
posted by stovenator at 6:41 PM on November 28, 2004

Also, take a look at Jinzora. It claims to be able to handle any type of media that will stream over http. The v1.1 announcement says "Much better support for video files - now an ASX can be generated to help better stream video files that support it".

Not sure what types of files you're looking to serve, and what functionality you're looking for, but this is at least a start in the right direction, I hope.
posted by stovenator at 6:52 PM on November 28, 2004

Response by poster: Great leads, stovenator. Thanks very much.
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