Circles, but how?
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What are the individual elements of this picture?

This has been making the rounds on various sites today, and the links to the file have since been taken down.

I'd like to know what the background element is called...they appear to be crossed, concentric circles similar to what one would find in a certificate border. Could I make them in photoshop, etc...?

I wouldn't mind making my own version of this card, (albeit a legal one) but have no clue on how to create the background and wanted the hive's opinion.

If you were one of the few that got your hands on the eps files before they were removed, I'd love to get a "real" copy. Thanks, and I'll take my answer off the air.
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The pattern is called a Gilloche pattern. I've got some ideas on how to make them, but a google search may give you real methods.
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Actually, I just found a guilloche pattern generator here. It lets you save as a jpeg. Drop the multiplier to .1 and mess with the ripple settings to get a close approximation of the pattern in that ID.
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mattdidthat created the image and posted it to projects. I bet you could MeFi mail him and he'd let you know.
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Do you have Illustrator? Just use the polar grid, oval shape, with a lot of "rings" (up arrow). Delete the grid lines, copy and overlap to your heart's content.
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How frustrating - every image has vanished from the interwebs.

From what you describe it sounds like spirograph - here's a simple way of doing spirograph in photoshop - if I'm off the mark, please ignore.
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zerokey's link to the pattern generator doesn't work, but here's a great one.
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Rock Steady, the subblue link was the one that I had posted. I seem to have some deep issue when it comes to posting links, unfortunately.
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