Pre-med Requirements After B.A.
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How can I complete pre-medical requirements after having earned my B.A.?

I am currently in the process of completing my B.A., and have only recently developed a new-found interest in medicine. I've explored various options with professionals, counselors, friends, etc. and believe that becoming a general practitioner is the best fit for me.

Unfortunately, I only have two semesters left at the university I'm attending, and due to unit limitations, I cannot stay for extra semesters. There are certain requirements that I must complete for my major and minor in the next two semesters and there will be no room to take any pre-med requirements. How can I complete these requirements after I graduate? Community college classes? A post-baccalaureate program?

What are the pro's and con's to these options? Do medical school admissions committees look more favorably on post-baccalaureate programs than on community college classes for example? I've done a few google searches but have come across nothing definitive.

Thank you so much for your sage advice!
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Also previously.

Of note, Organic Chem is something that you would rather not take at community college, since it is considered a good predictor of how well your are intellectually fit for medical school.

Also, nobody cares about minors. If they're classes that you want, take them. Don't feel compelled to finish one. Your school, or the public university in your state may have "continuing education" type opportunities to take a small number of classes at a time.
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Oh, and the best source of data for the actual question is to call the admissions people at your state's public medical schools. They take all kinds of questions. I'll poke around, but I doubt that AAMC publishes data beyond non-traditional vs traditional.
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