How do you reinforce a belly cast?
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How do you reinforce a belly cast?

My husband and I made a belly cast of my quite pregnant belly last weekend. I started feeling really light headed, so we had to cut it a bit short and were not able to use all of the cast material. We still have a decent product that has hardened, but I would feel better if we could reinforce it more. Is it possible to wet the remaining cast material and put it on the already hardened cast? Will this mess up anything? Or is there anything we can do to further reinforce the cast? Thank you in advance for your help!
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Is it a type of plaster that you used? You can buy strips of plaster cloth from a surgical supply house, cut them to length, dip them in water and lay them on the back side of the cast. hree of four layers should be enough.
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It's plaster cloth, the mesh stuff with plaster dust that you wet.
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You could paint a resin or epoxy on it.
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When I did ours I used a layer of drywall joint compound to smooth it out after the cast had dried for a few days. The joint compound also added a bit of strength to it, although not at the edges: there it is a bit friable. The kits instructions recommended it for making the cast smoother so it should not do damage.

I would be concerned that adding new wet strips would get the existing cast too wet and without a mold (you) it might be damaged.
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You could see if you could find a cheap beachball or something of similar dimensions to your wonderful belly, to blow up and put inside the cast while you add the rest of the material. (Works for balloons in papier mache!)
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After plaster bandages have "set" they should hold their shape even if you add another wet layer on top (ie.-the plaster doesn't immediately dissolve if it gets wet again).
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Acrylic molding mediums. Golden Acylics makes a whole bunch of choices. You can apply these with a knife, and clean up with baby wipes. The acylic structure meduims will give support to the plaster. The structure mediums will add weight to the overall project, they dry white and can be painted.

Another option I love is paper clay. Volcanic ash paper in spreadable form. Dries white, very lightweight, can overpaint with water color.

Don't work with spray apply products or volatile organics whilst pregnant.
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