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Has anyone ever found a source for life-like rubber slugs? I've been trying to find some for an art project and every source I've been able to think of has turned out to not to have any such thing. And by slugs I mean the slimy, slow-moving animal, not the type you try to cheat a soda machine out of it's inventory with. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
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The Horrible Science Slimy Slugs Kit allows you to "mould slimy slugs and make your own messy mucus". You could use the supplied mould with modelling latex or even plasticine to make as many slugs as you like.

If you don't mind your artwork being edible, there's always gummy banana slugs.
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Fishing tackle store? They have lots of lifelike creepy-crawlies.
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Why not make your own? and supply materials you can use to make moulds and cast your jelly slugs with.
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Do they need to be rubber? I've seen reasonably lifelike painted wooden slugs for sale. Depends on the species of slug you want, of course.
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Best answer: I know Archie McPhee used to sell these--I owned one when I was a kid. But they don't seem to carry them any more. (They seem to have quit carrying the little realistic rubber cockroaches, too, or at least they're not on the website. How could you let me down like this, McPhee?) It might be worth calling to see if they have some stuck in a warehouse somewhere, or know where you could get some. I'm sure they are still experts on the subject of realistic rubber vermin.
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It seems like you wouldn't even need a kit, just some black silicone caulk squeezed out in a slug shape onto a piece of paper (it will stick to everything, including glass). Let dry and voila, instant slug.
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