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Best of the Best: Your Best Gift Guides
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I'm looking for more gift guides like these. What do you have?

I usually get pretty short wish lists this time of year. Ideally I would’ve followed this advice from a related question, but here I am.

I’m looking for gifts ideas under $100 (no Robb Report gift guides please). The adults who I’m shopping for like to read, are into sports, gadgets, crafts, their dog. A couple are near retirement, like to garden, and are very Catholic.

The kids (8 and 6 years old) love Legos, are creative/artistic, active, and like games.

I also need a white elephant gift for work.
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Anthology Magazine gift guide
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Design Sponge has some interesting gift guides at different price points; the gadget one just went up as well. Might be a little too trendy, but I think it at least highlights some interesting design items for the home, and Design Sponge in general has some interesting craft/DIY kit ideas. (Like this wreath done in photosensitive dye, which is pretty much the coolest thing.)

Archie McPhee is full of many ridiculous ideas for a white elephant.
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I like the New York Magazine gift guides. They're diverse and organized by price, with options for dog lovers, gadgets, sports and just general not too expensive but cool stuff.
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My employer, publishes Holiday Gift Guides in a few different price ranges. They're a mix of food and housewares, and usually a cookbook section: 2012 Gift Guide, a site search listing previous year gift guides. I don't personally have anything to do with producing the gift guides, other than having suggested this item to the Editor who handles them, because I thought it was cool, but I enjoy flipping through them.

Also, this MeFi post lists Defective Yeti's game guides from the last few years, which are a fantabulous shopping list for anyone into games.
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Today's Parent Gift Guide

(Disclaimer: I did not contribute to this guide, but occasionally contribute to the site - and I sincerely think it's a good guide. Mods please feel free to delete if this is not okay.)

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If you have a smart phone, and are going to be mailing the gifts, you might want to check out the Sesame Ap. They offer a couple of curated, themed boxed sets that tie to an experience. Examples you might like are "Afternoon tea" (fancy mug and tea accessories) or "Arms Race" (nerf guns with ammo). Best part is that the wrapping is all taken care of!
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I came across this today, neat ideas for pairing charitable donations with smaller, meaningful gifts. It could be adapted for other nonprofits, too.
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Cool Hunting: Gift Guide

Core77 Designer Gift Guide

Engadget's holiday gift guide 2012

TreeHugger Holiday Gift Guide 2012

New York Magazine - Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Gizmodo Gift guide 2012

The 2012 Lucky Gift Guides

A Cup of Jo Guides including Your Beautiful Mom, Your Best Friend, Your Husband, and Your Chatty Toddler.

Modcloth Holiday Gift Guide

Uncrate Guides including The Outdoorsman Gift Guide, The Big Kid Gift Guide, and The Gadget Guru Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide |

Martha Stewart weighs in:
Handmade Gifts for Her
Handmade Gifts for Him
Personalized Christmas Gifts
Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers
Handmade Baby Gifts
Bath and Spa Gifts
Hostess Gift Ideas
Homemade Food Gifts
Stocking Stuffers
Gifts for Her
Gifts for the Gardener
Gifts for Crafters
Great Paired Gifts
(and more)

Inhabitat Green Holiday Gift Guide

And of COURSE:
OPRAH! (lots of subsections - too lazy to link to them all here. Don't miss her favorite things!)

Do you know about the book selections from NYT and other newspapers?
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