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iTunes/Quicktime install problem: "No Disk, Please Insert Disk In Drive xx" [more inside]

Starting off with an empty, NTFS HDD I did a clean reinstall of WinXP Home and all my apps this week. In reinstalling iTunes, with which I previously never had a problem, I ran into this error. (iTunes v4.7) Specifically, when running iTunes for the first time, I agreed with the license and then a Quicktime handler window popped up with the message "No Disk, Please Insert Disk In Drive xx" (don't remember exact path.) This window cannot be canceled out of, continued, or otherwise gotten rid of except by restarting. Needless to say, iTunes does not install.

I have seen the Apple tech note advising to "clear all" under Quicktime's recently viewed movies. This being a fresh install, I had none, so this was greyed out, but I was able to open QT behind this handler window and play a movie, so that I had something to clear.

I also removed QT from the system tray, as others have suggested, and restarted, and this has no effect.

Please help me troubleshoot this problem, it's preventing my use of iTunes, which is mission critical for my household computer.
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Response by poster: I should clarify that v4.7 of iTunes includes the Quicktime install. It's occurred to me that if I could install an earlier version of iTunes that didn't bundle QT, since I'm fine using Win Media Player, that might work, but I don't know where to find an earlier version and I think anything earlier than 4.5 cuts you off from iTMS.
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I wish I could help. I have the same problem with my XP (Professional, Service Pack 1) machine at work as well as minor problems at home on my Mac. I hope you get some good advice. I'm crossing my fingers for us both.
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dflemingdotorg: I have only about 17,000 songs, but thanks for the link nonetheless. I have been wondering about multiple Libraries.
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Response by poster: OK, I followed your instructions to the letter. Pulled my HDD1, turned off anything from loading at startup, uninstalled, deleted, cleaned... and I'm still seeing the same problem, well, slight difference -- the error message now, instead of saying "quicktime handler error"in the title bar, now says "iTunes.exe - No Disk."

The exact error message is "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk1\DR3." [Cancel/Try Again/Continue]

What should I try? The only possibility is my audio hardware -- onboard sound, the install requirements specify a "quicktime compatible audio card"...what is that? Could that be the problem?

Thanks for your help, I know you're not Apple support but I I posted in their forum and no love.
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