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Now that I'm a Print Designer for the next few days, what sites should I go to for inspiration when I get stuck? As a web designer I would go to K10K or Design is Kinky, or check out the newest sites at MoLuv. I am looking for things like online mags in PDF or Flash, people's print portfolios, or just anything else that is similar to print in terms of layout or design.
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That's the catch - you can't really go to websites looking for print design. Web colorspace is just too different from CMYK, and you also need to look at paper: the texture and weight of paper is something no website can possibly show you, and it has a surprising importance in print design.

Try to find caches of Print magazine or other design magazines, the more recent the better - maybe there's a design college nearby with a library, or maybe someone you know knows a designer with packrat tendencies who'd let you look at some of their magazines. Even going to a newsstand and flipping through a few current design mags might help.

I have a growing stack of Taschen books for visual inspiration. Their smaller paperbacks are well-printed, and surprisingly cheap. Maybe you could go to a bookstore and browse their art shelves.
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Zadcat, thanks for the insight. I am definitely open to aquiring print materials, and I'll write down to look for Taschen books. Anyone else have any ideas as to design mags / books available at the local Barnes and Noble that are worth getting? I'll be browsing there later today, but should I look for anything in particular?
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I don't have the URLs handy at the moment, but here are a few places (PDF and webzines) where I go for inspiration:

- This Is A Magazine
- Orangeflow
- Sceyelines

Google should get you to these downloads on time.
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Also, Communication Arts is a great resource for inspration, especially their Annuals. Check out eBay for used copies or head to the CA site to order back issues.
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Graphic Design USA is pretty decent for the price: free.
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One last chime-in, sometimes I go to here to find new designers. See a desktop you like? There may be a link to the artist's web page.
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Issac Tobin
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It's on the web, and hence, web-looking and feeling, but a good place to find inspiration is speakup. I think they're still going over the posters (critique) that they had from their big poster contest. I find with speakup that the inspiration comes from the people contributing to it rather than the look and feel of the site itself. They have a good mix of print and web folks and a good vibe (though the usual community bumps apply).
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